Does excess protein turn into sugar on a Ketogenic Diet? Keto confusion.

THE KETOGENIC EDGE COOKBOOK: A Training Manual for Low-Carb, Ketogenic, and Paleo Cuisine – free Maca EBOOK: For coaching, skype consultations: Finding your Optimal Protein intake for a Ketogenic Diet Does excess protein turn into sugar? Is extra protein on a ketogenic diet something to fear? Tackling […]

KETOGENIC DIET: How long does it take to keto adapt. Revisited!!

How long does it take for your to get into ketosis! Drop body fat, fix your metabolism. Keto, ketosis, keto adaption.Banting diet, lchf diet, low carb Periscope: WEBSITE: FB: INSTAGRAM: jimmy Moore interview w/ stephanie: Nora Gedgaudas; podcast – NEW DOWNLOADABLE PLANS: source

Ketogenic Diet Carb Cycling w/ David Jockers, DC

Episode #131:David Jockers, DC- Ketogenic Diet Meals, Carb Cycling & Mistakes ➢ Read the Interview Transcript: ➢ Listen to the Audio in iTunes: ➢ Connect with Dr. Jockers: ————————————–Lets Connect———————————- ● Facebook: ● Instagram: ● iTunes ———————————Key Highlights———————————– 41:50 Ketogenic Diet Misconceptions: It is […]