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Known as Darthluiggi on reddit – Luis Villasenor moderates the r/keto, r/ketogains, and the new r/ketoscience boards and is always answering questions and helping people with their weight loss and health goals using the ketogenic diet.

Not only has he been on a ketogenic diet for 14 years, he has proven that you CAN build plenty of muscle on a ketogenic diet. Check out his natural, ketogenic bodybuilding progress instagram:

I talked to Luis about his transformation through keto, he gives tips for beginners to keto, talks about the best ketgenic diet resources online, shares his experience on cyclical ketogenic diet (CKD), and talked about his new method of using 15grams of carb preworkout (targeted ketogenic diet – TKD).

Darthluiggi is a very helpful wealth of ketogenic diet information and experience and one of the few people who has proven that you can build muscle on a sustained ketogenic diet.

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Luis’ first thread on reddit:

More recent thread about his TKD experiment:

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Books mentioned:

The Ketogenic Diet, by Lyle Mcdonald

Underground Bodyopus – Militant Weight Recomposition, Dan Duchaine

Anabolic Solution for Bodybuilders, Mauro Di Pasquale


45 Replies to “14 years in ketosis, you can build muscle on ketogenic diet – Darthluiggi of reddit keto interview”

  1. i won 3 gold medals A Elite racquetball tournaments and gained 10 lbs of muscle on ketogenic. you just have to know what you are doing on it. carbs burn very quickly versis ketones for energy. i lasted for hours as an athlete

  2. This video has good advice, but I'm not sure about the best diet plan which i need to work with, only because I have never taken any. Anybody tried the Fenoboci Diet Plan? I have noticed some people refer to amazing things about Fenoboci Diet Plan.

  3. you guys are fucking idiots. ketosis is a starvation survival response, not a performance diet. if you want to perform well and subsequently get lean and STAY that way, you need to eat some fucking carbs. but if you want to listen to some fake natty youtube salesmen tell you lies to get you on a fad diet, feel free to do that as well. it's your body!

  4. I just wanna ask if primal edge health is natural. I don't really care about it, I just wanna know because I've started a keto diet and I don't wanna waste my time if gains depend on extra hormones

  5. Drinking on keto is not recommended from my experience. Makes me hella sick, tolerance disappears. I'd also strongly recommend staying away from wine, it usually contains large amounts of sugar. You're going to be drinking neat spirits – look out for flavoured varieties that may have added sugar – with sugar free mixers. However remember that aspartame and the like knock many people out of ketosis and still contain grams of carbs. Vodka and soda water with a squeeze of fresh lime seems to be the smartest thing I've drunk. 2 or 3 of those and that's more than enough for me. Gone are the days of endless pints.

  6. Okay, so I've been in ketosis and trying to work out and TWICE in TWO YEARS it's caused severe electrolyte imbalances. How have you been able to avoid this? Do you supplement your potassium / magnesium?

  7. Wow I just started with bulletproof coffee and eating more farm fresh eggs and grass fed meets, I had cold hands, runny nose insomnia I never thought this was related to this shift… Okay more veggies no problem! I love to juice and green smoothies. Thank you soooo much for the information.

  8. So should I be adding 25 grams of high GI carbs before my workouts then? I already eat about 15-20grams net carbs per day, so that would put me at 45grams net total. How would I implement this insulin spike, ive been in KETO for 5 weeks testing my blood levels and all that and this method I have found interesting and have seen many advocate 25-50 grams carb 20-30 minutes before a workout.

  9. Thanks for this vid. ! my question: what proportion we should use on keto diet while workin out??
    about 50 grams of carbs but how much proteins to fat?? 1:1 or more fat??

  10. perhaps you can but do you have too if you wanna get best results? when on keto, you only get suboptimal results compared to the normal diet. hence these acrobatics with TKD and CKD… you need carbs to build muscle. period.

  11. have huge cuestion, I was doing low carb diet, was feeling awesome, and for some reason I cant explain and is my mainly councern, I started loosing my hair in a worrie way, I had 3 weeks loosing it, wen I stop doing keto, I start getting scare, I du was going thru a training class to keep a job, so I don't know if it was stress, cuss actually I have never consider my self as a worrier person, ever. but now, I only have about 20 % of my hair, and I just don't know what could be the reason it trigger it, just making a comment and see if someone knows, or has jumped into this problem, I can leave without being in keto, al ready gain about 20 pounds and fell miserable, so please If someone know something, I really want to get back to keto, but I don't want to loose the rest of my hair, I have new hair, by taking biotin and shampoo, soo, Thanks for comments,

  12. Oh look, another fake natty fuck who abused steroids and uses his Gains to promote his bullshit fad diet.
    That guy isn't fucking natural and roids are piss easy to obtain in Mexico.

  13. This video is too long but its worth lots of information that can help people like me whose new in ketosis have a new subscribers here..thanks..definetly going to follow you guys ..

  14. I don't watch Stephanie you either do my two sisters. I get anxiety and nervous when I watch her popping all over the place. And I wouldn't pay her $100 to tell me what to eat. This guy is easy to watch and doesn't seem to have attention deficit disorder.

  15. Loving the vid but captions go a little overboard to say the least. I know you clearly want to say more of what you're thinking about what he's saying personally but I have to tune out the subs all together to appreciate what he's saying at all.

  16. This is all very fascinating  to learn about. I hope you don't mind my question. First off, I'm always searching for more info on Keto. I started with Paleo- found Primal w/ Mark Sisson from there I ended up doing Keto for I wasn't losing weight fast enough on the others.   So far a little over 3 months I have lost 21 pounds- would like to lose at least 30 more . Love the Energy 🙂
       I have a chronic low back condition which limits me to do exercise , lifting , bending , but I do try to get walking in and of course move my arms and legs . If I keep on this Keto  will I lose muscle and just have hanging skin ?  My legs are fairly strong and tight , mostly just my arms have a little loose skin . Will this tighten up as I lose more . 
      Thank you, Great info here !

  17. Want rock-solid 6 pack abs that girls can't resist touching? Discover why 95% of people who start a muscle building program will fail miserably and how you can succeed.

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