I am experimenting with a Ketogenic Diet and have made some mistakes along the way. I share five mistakes I have made thus far trying to get adjusted to following a Ketogenic Diet.

My 5 Mistakes

1. Not giving up sweets, desserts and fruit in the beginning of starting the diet
2. Eating large portions of vegetables.
3. Not eating enough fat.
4. Eating dairy foods (cheese and Greek yogurt). I do eat pastured butter and Ghee
5. Eating nuts.

Since I have course corrected my glucose readings are in the 60s and 70s.

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20 Replies to “5 Mistakes I Made on a Ketogenic Diet | In the Beginnging”

  1. i have just had a load of full fat bio yogurt thinking it was keto ok – my body was telling me I needed some good bacteria – now i see normal yogurt is not keto OOOOPPPS – but i feel better for it – perhaps thats the glucose spike.

  2. Bless you!  I thought I was the only one that tried to start keto diet without totally making up my mind about giving up sugar, Dr. Pepper was my addiction.  I ate more fat but the high carbs I was addicted to made me gain weight rapidly.  I am afraid I over do it on broccoli, which I love.

  3. Nuts!!! I have experienced the same issue with the nuts! Well, I have kicked them off of my meal plans. Plus, I really need to up my water and fiber intake. Great video!

  4. Great tips Evelyn! I agree that getting rid of fruit when I tried low carb a few times, was the hardest for me. But getting rid of it really helped. I guess I'm lucky in that I'm ok with nuts and dairy. I do keep the nuts to a normal portion though :). I love macadamia nuts. Have you tried them? So do you use coconut cream in place of dairy? Did the additional fats help you stay full and not snack as much?

  5. Hi Evelyn…thanks for sharing, I was not aware of the Ketogenic Diet…You mention eating nuts, I like nuts…almonds and walnuts…I was wondering if you tried eating Pecans…they are high in fats….thanks for educating…

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