Best Selling Author Nora Gedgaudas gives an overview of the current science showing the huge benefits of maintaining a ketogenic state.

From the Neonate to the centenarian it seems that the well adapted ketogenic state may be of great benefit. It makes the brain run better, protects against diseases of epilepsy, cancer, inflammatory diseases (insulin resistance, heart disease, Alzheimers) and has advantages in exercise and body building.


15 Replies to “Benefits of a Fat-Based Ketogenic diet for your body and brain -Nora Gedgaudas”

  1. Great job bringing our university's up to speed! If University's want to be cutting edge they better get on board! I also follow Dr Jason Fung & thrilled to learn & adapt my body to healthy lifestyle of ketosis!!! great video :)

  2. I've done raw fruit based diet that almost ruined my health. I've done complex carb vegan diet that sucked and gave me gut issues/acne. High carb diets are horrible for me, but they may work for some people. I've also done the blood type O diet which is very similar to paleo and I felt well on there. Recently I decided to go high fat low carb and I'm thriving. I always did love fatty foods. Always felt stronger and more alert after a day of only fat and protein. Glad to see the science behind this

  3. Soda, Starbucks, energy drinks and fruit juices have too much sugar in their drinks.
    Food should not be bad for you. Processed food has too much (trans) fat, salt, added sugar and ADDITIVES in them making them unhealthy. People need to go to their favorite food processors website, click on the CONTACT link and send them an email asking them to reduce the amount of fat, salt, SUGAR and ADDITIVES in the foods they produce. Their common answer is that they are producing what the customers want. You have to let them know that consumers want healthier food choices with less salt, fat, SUGAR and ADDITIVES in them. It only takes a minute to send them an email, tweet, call or text. Food should not be bad for you. There is an obesity epidemic leading to increases in heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer

  4. Something you don't hear too many people talking about is the people who are explaining and doing ketogenic diets seem to be intelligent super energetic humans, almost at a different level of being.

  5. (in the category "articles") offers amazing explanation of how our biology really works and is structured, and shows a way to prevent and cure obesity, aging, fatigue, cancer, hypothyroidism, eclampsia, epilepsy, leakiness, estrogen excess, age pigment (lipofuscin), lactate, endotoxin formation, edema, prolactin, excitotoxicity, tissue destruction, osteoporosis, degenerative disease, diabetes, stress, etc., while increasing thyroid hormones' (T3 and T4) production and activity, testosterone, mitochondria energy production (resulting in the powerful high-energy ATP molecule and the beneficial and protective carbon dioxide (CO2), metabolism, blood circulation, respiration, insulin sensitivity, longevity, bone density and strength, the "Three Youth-Associated Hormones" – Progesterone Pregnenolone & DHEA -, by means of eating saturated fats, sucrose (glucose + fructose), animals proteins (not just the muscle, but also other parts of the animal, such as foot, tail, neck, etc.), cholesterol, vitamin a, b1, b2, b3, b6, c, d, e, k, magnesium, copper, calcium, potassium, sodium chloride (salt), gelatin, milk, cheese, eggs, butter, coconut oil, etc.; by means of light exposure (especially red light); and, by means of avoiding polyunsaturated fats, x-rays exams, iron (excess), excessive water intake, etc.

    Progesterone, not estrogen, is the coronary protection factor of women ->

    Estrogen – Age Stress Hormone ->

    Progesterone Pregnenolone & DHEA – Three Youth-Associated Hormones ->

    Glucose and sucrose for diabetes ->

    Fats, functions & malfunctions ->

    Fats and degeneration ->

    Growth hormone: Hormone of Stress, Aging, and Death? ->

    Cancer: Disorder and Energy ->

    Membranes, plasma membranes, and surfaces ->

    Physiology texts and the real world ->

    Protective CO2 and aging ->

    Genes, Carbon Dioxide and Adaptation ->

    Cholesterol, longevity, intelligence, and health ->

    Glycemia, starch, and sugar in context ->

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    Salt, energy, metabolic rate, and longevity ->

    Lactate vs. CO2 in wounds, sickness, and aging; the other approach to cancer ->

    Bone Density: First Do No Harm ->

    Coconut Oil ->

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