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I get these questions all the time: can I eat cheese and nuts in ketosis? Can I drink coffee with keto?

Long story short, for most people, these aren’t a problem – though SOME may want to avoid them…here’s why-

If you are eating enough cheese to spike you over your carb limit or if you are highly sensitive to dairy then sure, cheese will be an issue – but its NOT an inherent “no no” in keto, in fact many cheeses have loads of fat and are loaded with fat soluble vitamins (K2 and D for instance). For most people cheese is, at it’s worst, neutral – and for many it’s an awesome addition if it’s from grass fed cows and ESPECIALLY if it’s unpasteurized and from grass fed A2 cattle. Of course, plenty of people have sensitivity to cheese and dairy (A1 casein), the amount of cheese that most people would eat on a well formulated ketogenic diet wouldn’t likely be a problem even for those with slight sensitivities, but some people need to avoid it. If you think you may be sensitive to dairy try cutting it out and see if the symptoms subside, quite simple test you can do at home!

Nuts are not inherently bad either, assuming you’re not eating enough to push you over your carb limit – the problem with nuts is the phytic acid content, but if you are eating them in moderation and not pounding jars of nut butter or eating loads of almond flour with every meal you won’t be creating problems with mineral deficiencies due to the mineral binding properties of phytic acid (which binds to magnesium, copper, zinc, and other minerals). In nature, nuts are VERY difficult to consume in large quantities, so I would posit that nuts should be used as adornments, not as a major source of macros – but eating moderate nuts is not going to mess with keto adaptation.

Coffee – not a problem for most people, could be taxing on the HPA axis for those with so called “adrenal fatigue” and I would say that long term high intake of coffee is not beneficial – but for most, a daily cup of coffee is not likely to make or break your health or adaptation to ketosis so if you love coffee and don’t wish to give it up DONT WORRY! Would I recommend people drink coffee or rely on stimulants for energy? NO…but it doesn’t mean someone can’t be in ketosis and have their coffee too! It can be a useful tool for people and will not condemn you to keto limbo unless you have major issues going on with your HPA axis and hormonal balance (which unfortunately some people do).


37 Replies to “Can I eat cheese and nuts on a KETOGENIC DIET? Can I drink coffee in ketosis?”

  1. I like the information you provide, but you don't need to go around and around with the camera. If you are shooting a video during the sunset, don't point the camera at it. Do it at a different time. Viewers can focus more on what you say with a stationary camera. Keep up the great info. I appreciate you sharing what you know.

  2. Hey Tristan, quick question. I have never been big on coffee but before starting my keto diet I would take a pre workout powder before going to the gym fasted. I had a lot of caffeine and gave me a great workout. The only time I drink it is on the days that I work out. Is it ok to continue drinking it?

  3. Can I eat different nuts with no limit?I love nuts and here in Brasil,we have so many different,…but fishies and other sea food are so expensive here.Can I gon on normal with keto even this situation???

  4. This diet just seems hard , if not possible, to maintain ur entire life. Wot about wen u travel, wen ur sick, wen ur out with family n friends, during special occasions or jus wen ur out n ur hungry n these foods r not in sight. All I see ppl talk about in this diet is grass fed meat, butter , coconut oils , avocado n eggs n abit of veg abit of cheese. I don't think it's possible to always find these foods wen ur out n just hungry n want a bite sum where. Wot else can one eat on this diet? Just these foods only, repeated over n over again in every vid becoz there's nothing else they can eat on this diet.

  5. All the moving around is very annoying. I enjoy your videos. You have a pleasant voice tone and enjoy watching someone talking about sustainability. But please keep it still, or else, the message will be missed.

  6. How about mayo & bacon? Bacon is cured in sugar and mayo has sugar in the ingredient's list? I would assume it wouldn't hurt but I've hear some ppl say you can't have NO sugar at all to become in ketosis state?

  7. hi there, been enjoying your videos so far, thanks for getting to the point quickly. So, I've noticed you use quite a bit of avocado on this diet, so does everyone else because its so wonderfully high in fat. Unfortunately for me I developed some kind of allergy or sensitivity to avocados in my mid twenties, about 15 yrs ago…the same time I became allergic to shrimp and crabs. All 3 are foods I absolutely loved. My reaction to them is weird too…I dont break out in hives or anything, they just make me puke my guts out mid consumption. I've been busting my brain trying to figure out which other food item is comparable to an avocado, with the same fat content etc. Any suggestions, advice or tips?

  8. You have to eat over 560 grams of cheese to go over a 20 gram carb limit. That's a LOT of cheese, especially if you're talking, say, shredded Mozzarella cheese. That's quite a heap of cheese. People are too hard on cheese. I agree that you can have cheese. I have it almost every day on my keto diet.

  9. i don't think the "limited nuts found in nature, therefore you shouldn't eat many" holds ground in the Keto diet, considering it a 70% fat diet, which is definitely not the norm for a diet human evolved on.

    Just eat what works for you!

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