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Are carb refeeds necessary on a ketogenic diet? Here are my thoughts on an issue surrounded by much confusion and disinformation. Refeeds can be useful in certain situations, but CARB REFEEDS are never necessary (nothing wrong with carbs, but they aren’t essential). Refeeding with keto foods when an individual utilizing a ketogenic approach to fat loss reaches (perhaps unnaturally) low levels of bodyfat can be useful if done correctly (it takes more than a single meal to increase leptin) but for most people using a ketogenic diet it is simply not necessary. Low leptin, low thyroid are symptoms of extreme energy aka calorie restriction, not carbohydrate restriction. A well formulated nutrient dense ketogenic diet don’t need no stinkin’ refeeds! 🙂


48 Replies to “CARB REFEEDS on a KETOGENIC DIET? Keto confusion”

  1. I'm a vegetarian and I borderline HATE vegetables (weird, I know), which got me in the situation I'm in now. Dependent on processed foods and massively unhealthy. I'm slowly transitioning over to a ketogenic diet and I'm actually looking at more than the calorie content in food. I've heard about this "carb re-feed" thing while researching ketogenic diets and it sounds a bit weird. Good to know that it may not even be necessary (especially for me, who still has a long way to go). I would probably take advantage of it at this point, not gonna lie.

  2. Organ meats FTW. I almost quit on keto due to high fibre levels. Organs helped me get the micro nutrients I would have gotten from large amounts of vegetables without the GI distress.

  3. Hello my Friends , I have been doing moderate ketosis for 13 weeks . Really doing well , at least I feel . I'm so used to this way of eating now . Can I just continue for as long as I feel ok . Mind you I am still obese. Started at 322 , 13 weeks ago , now at 293 . I'm very happy about that but I don't know if it's ok to just go for say a year or so . Please help

  4. i lost two dress sizes in a month by refeeding on carbs every 10-14 days, every time i would refeed for a day or two, ill gain 2kg in water weight and loose it immediately i started. my combined weight loss in that month was lot more than when i was in ketosis for straight 1 month.

    this days i prefer to go into ketosis once in a while, been on it for the last nine days and 12ib gone, intend to stop in about four days. I also dont binge on carb refeed days, i do it grudgingly, and don't exactly look forward to the 2kg in water weight. I just carb up instead of waiting for my body to get out of plateau. Ill continue it has worked on me so far. i also get into ketosis in a day, so i dont waste time.

  5. Finally! So many refeed videos about keto – which makes zero sense to me. Sounds more like cheating on a diet that does not allow cheating. Thank YOU for this video! 🙂 😉 ;)

  6. Hey , maybe someone could give me some advise.. I just cleared 50 yrs old… , I still train but I can tell something isnt right in my diet.. I have a High Metabolism , I work alot of hours doing construction so spending a lot of time in the kitchen isnt a real option.. I need calories to keep keep my fuel supply up .. so how to get enough food to train and work construction ?

  7. Thanks for all the great info Tristan. I'm new to the keto lifestyle and I love it ! I still have a few questions though. I'm very obese (42% bf) and I'm trying to lose it asap. I'm currently at about a 45-50% caloric deficit, moderate activity level. Should I ever do a refeed? I am starting to reach a plateau after losing about 20 lbs. in three weeks. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  9. sugars and overfeeding feeds the fungas and parasites, those parasites can control your brain and make you believe you need those carbs and make your live in an emotional rollercoaster. until you learn to self master yourself and stick to your diet and heal.

    trust me you need a long time before you fully get rid of them and learn your lessons. every parasite helps you understand more about self managing your body, Like paul chek says, those parasites are nature cops, they are eating you and telling you are more useful as soil with your low life force!. we have to learn to say no. ENOUGH IS enough and lift the ignorance of caring for a human body.

  10. I tried a "Leptin Reset" once. 3 days of carb refeeding, and all I got was 2 extra kilos which stayed with me. Leptin is not my problem apparently. I've just been for Thyroid testing and I am hypothyroid. That's probably a problem for a lot of people who have long plateaus. Not this refeeding BS.

  11. Major props to you Ecuador man lol you always mellow me out mentally when it comes to getting too hardcore being unhappy with my current progress (body comp) thanks for that.

  12. Good afternoon from England 🙂 I love watching your videos because I get a lot of good information and I'm myself on keto 2 month when I lost 30 pounds and 5%bf. Keto is part of my workout and my personal trainer was the one who showed me first keto and I have to say I love it and during 2 month I made massive research and also opened my own Facebook group on keto diet and already inspired people and people already started to make good progress.
    My question is I recently 2 weeks ago started targeted ketogenic diet when I have my carb intake after work out around 70 grams from gluten free long grain rice. True is I can lift more and better and I use before each work out supplement called Agmatine which from my research should be ok on keto diet and I also use creatine powder. And last week I just started to feel very tired and feel like I'm adapting on fat all the time, just drained and out of energy and today I feel like I have to drag my body and last 3 days I feel quiet low and depressed when I wake up. I would like to ask if it can be because of TKD because or it can be because of supplements I use or I sometimes go to bed quiet late due to my work and wake up early which I do every single day when I started Keto. My personal trainer said TKD or carb nice (which I had before and felt so sick after another 4 days) is very important for lifting and have power but what I see its having benefit for me but how I feel after its absolutely different story.

  13. Thanks for this video, I was starting to wonder if the refeed fad was legit for people trying to lose weight. I find there are several things that trigger me to binge: too many carbs, eating too little and severe anxiety… I remedy this with nutrient dense foods, high protein and avoiding assholes =P

  14. Love the concept of the garden update! I'd love to see what you and Jess have planted. Made the mistake of "carb refeed" a while back, maybe not for everyone , but it just sets off compulsive tendencies in me.Thank for the video.

  15. I agree these cyclical/carb re-feeds are stupid. I've started taking in some carbs late in the day, with or after my last (second) meal (usually sweet potatoes, sometimes potatoes/rice) and find it works for me. I fast for the first few hours of the day, first meal is high fat with plenty of veggies. My weight had got too low doing keto (58KG and I'm above average height for a guy), I'm naturally thin but under 60 is not good and putting on muscle is a work in progress from the lowest starting point and not really having time to work out properly. I also find I sleep better this way ( I work rotating shifts so spend quite a lot trying to sleep when it's light and sometimes a bit noisy). Something to do with the tryptophan producing serotonin, but I understand you can also get that from some non-carb foods like turkey (seems really high in tryptophan for some reason)?

  16. One question… When you are staying at 5% carbs, do you count total or net?? I have bean counting net, and doing great!!! Just curious how you do it.. Can't wait for the book!!!!

  17. Tristan, keep the videos coming. I've been following the keto diet, for 4 weeks now, after dieting for eight weeks or so, before that. You've been a constant source of great information and inspiration. I haven't been hungry at all since starting the keto/intermittent fasting and have lost 12.5 pounds in one month. Thanks man!

  18. Question
    Whilst cooking some bacon and spinach last night I was getting very light headed
    I had to sit down
    I was possibly dehydrated, and didn't eat enough that day
    But what could've caused this
    Am I malnourished
    First time this has happened
    Stared keto for the first time about a month ago
    Been very strict

  19. I was on the mcdougall diet and gained thirty pounds and my tryglycerides are through the roof. and high cholestral. I'm afraid to do keto. do you think its OK? I want to do it but don't know what it'll do to me. what's your take on it

  20. heh – literally within an hour of my friend and I talking about whether carb refeeds were 'necessary' – because I have been trying the once a week carb binge meal, and having zero success with continued weight loss – but within the hour you had posted this vid.

    the timing was indeed serendipitous. Or at least coincidental. And the fact that I am subscribed to this channel.

    I was cruising along just fine on pure ketogenic and am back to it. Day 12.

    I would also add the carb refeed thing was messing with my hormones in a not so good way too, like when the ketone levels dropped/went away I didn't feel so great. Not good.

    I do think it maybe possible to do even carb refeeds if you are at an optimal weight and insulin level. But I still have a few more pounds I want to drop.


  21. You talk about the refeeds being high carb intakes but you did not mention the key (people say) is to have extremely low fat on the day of your carb refeed. I am familiar with the 4 day cycle, 1 high carb and 3 low carb. Fats are as low as possible on high carb day and moderate to high on low carb days. Also, no sugars are to be eaten on the refeed either. Complex carbs only. You mentioned people eating donuts and junk food on the refeeds… however, I have never came across someone recommending the refeed to be a cheat day.

    Artemus Dolgin is someone who talks about the 4 day cycle and he talks about how the refeeds helps "fill out" the muscles. I do not have weight to lose, but am trying to simply put on mass. I have also watched your interviews with Menno Hennelsmen (great interview) and he did explain how research shows that you can put in equally as much mass, if not more, by not doing the refeed.

    So, I am still torn on what is best for my goals. Cravings are not a worry and like I said Artemus teaches to do the refeed very clean, with no sugars. It really comes down to putting on the most mass for me right now… but,

    what do you think about this style of a carb cycle? Is it wiser to stay in Ketosis for putting on the most mass? (different from getting lean as you geared the video towards)
    Thanks for all your time and help, Love your videos!

  22. Hey Tristan it's Steve, I was a client of yours a little while ago. I tried a cyclical diet recently and it's horrible. I was doing a cheat day on Saturdays and was allowed to have whatever I wanted. Not only did it make my non cheat days more difficult mentally, but I also saw too much fluctuation in weight. It also doesn't lead to a lifestyle change. You might as well just do a close to typical 40/40/20 diet instead of cyclical, it's more sustainable. I'll be going back to a keto diet shortly

  23. Awesome info. I've dropped 60lbs since January, and the last week or so I have been really hungry. I still have weight to go, probably 30lbs? I was just about to try a "refeed", and yes it would have been riddled with carbs… So PERFECT timing once again!!

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