Interview with founder (@keto_diesel) of the Facebook group “Ketogenic Intermittent Fasting”. We discuss his experience with cycling carbs on a ketogenic diet. We talk about
Who should and shouldn’t do a “CKD”?
Can you build muscle on a keto diet and if so, is keto optimal?
What is his protocol for looking great for an event by cycling carbs?
What types of foods does he eat on a carb up day?
How does he incorporate intermittent fasting to look shredded?


19 Replies to “Cyclical Ketogenic Diet 101”

  1. how is it hard to keep fat low during a carb load?
    50-60g of fat? that sounds like a junk food binge.

    rice/potatoes, chicken, tuna.
    sounds pretty easy to me

  2. Hello, Dears, nice video! Im on ketogenic about 3weeks, swithced from standart diet to keto, ant feeling better performance already. My keto is straigth without intermitent fastint ( i really want to try it) 1) how to know when you are fully adapted? 2 ) My goal is fat los, im struggling around 11-12% last month, how i can go trough it?

  3. Need to come out with a product for carb loading, EVERYTHING has fat, and on carb day, keeping fat to a minimum is always a tricky task. I would love to see fat free chocolate items such as cookies or ice cream for the chocolate fix! Off keto now, currently on Lyle McDonald's UD2, so carb day is a very special day for me to say the least! Great stuff by the way!

  4. Stats: 176lbs LBM, 5'9" and 230lbs. SO I need to shed bodyfat. I am 52 years old and taking in about 2300 calories a day. I can't seem to make the needle move. I do carry a lot of muscle but my main issue is that 10 years ago I went Keto and got down to 200lbs and very lean, but I couldn't play ice hockey at a competitive level. That out of the hole burst energy was gone. Aerobic capacity was fine, just the anaerobic capacity sucked. I play on Thurs and Sun, so how could I set this up to achieve the goals of still playing at a high level and shed this 30lbs of fat? Maybe Keto for 5 days and the nights before the next days hockey game I can carb up (which would be twice a week) Thanks,,,Great show,,,

  5. It's a good idea to overstress the importance of eating clean and being strict on your carb ups. You can cause some damage to your health. However, you can get away with almost anything if you structure it right. High carbs low fat. I also think the 1 high carb meal or dinner much more effective than the several days of loading.

  6. Great video. I'm 45 and agree Keto is not optimal for gains. Tried Keto but fell off the wagon after 6-7 weeks. Definitely got leaner, enhanced cognition and sustained energy, along with I.F. Sleep initially improved but then I saw negative effects. I noticed lots of hair strands in the shower and after gelling my hair. Mood started to become erratic. Became miserable. Strength started dwindling, as did motivation. Cravings initially vanished but had started to increase again. Crashed! Binged big time, literally in a food coma with a major night sweat! Ice cream, donuts, chocolate, potato chips and biscuits. In check now, but doing carb backloading… all clean apart from some ice cream immediately post workout. Just 14 hr fasts now (was doing 19:5) as I eat just fat and protein by day and because I am against combining fats and carbs (including eating them too close together), I need to eat a little earlier at say 11.30am. Fat and protein meal 2 at 2.30pm. Fasted training a.m but train intense, part 2 late afternoon. Carb up 7 – 9.30pm, then sleep. Carb up is initial ice cream, then clean carbs, lean protein and no fat. Oatmeal to finish and sleep like a baby.

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