Calories DO still matter on a ketogenic diet! Yes, “calories in calories out” is outdated and oversimplified and does not take into account the importance of hormones, BUT it is equally as absurd to assert that calories don’t count for keto. It is irresponsible and silly to claim that calories don’t matter – you can still gain body fat on a ketogenic diet, and if you intake 20,000 calories of fat you WILL NOT lose bodyfat.

Let’s stop the nonsense, keto is highly effective but when “leaders” are out there making inane assertions to get attention it makes it very easy for people to dismiss keto (and anyone talking about it) as a ridiculous fad. Calories matter – not all calories are created equal, but eating far above maintenance intake still leads to body fat storage and reduced ability to utilize stored body fat, regardless of your macronutrient ratios.

Keto isn’t a magic bullet – it is HIGHLY effective and can change people’s lives but it is not beyond the laws of physics.

For a detailed breakdown of the “calorie” issue I would highly recommend Bill Lagakos’ book “The Poor, Misunderstood Calorie”:


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  1. he's half right. calories do count. you won't lose weight if you watch your calorie intake. you won't gain weight from calories from fat though if you follow the diet right.

  2. I'm so sorry if you answered this question, but is it okay to not consume as many calories as recommended, so long as I'm still getting enough protein/carbs/potassium? I love this lifestyle.. I just find it difficult to get enough calories, and still keep my diet enjoyable. My recommended caloric intake is about 1700. I'm finding I can make it to about 1200. Any more I'm almost stuffed to the point of being sick. I feel like my body is telling me what it needs. I know how to add more calories by cooking my meats in coconut oil, or animal fats, it just doesn't feel like I need to, or that I'm even able too.

  3. Hi! I just started keto last week and I also count calories. I had a baby about 7 months ago and I've found it so hard to loose the weight(hence why I've turned to keto) in order to get the correct macros I've found it hard to eat under 1700-1800 cals a day! I've proble googled more things about keto in the past week than anything else and my brain hurts! Any advice? Thanks! :)

  4. I'm glad you mentioned this, but I feel you don't give keto enough credit. Its hard as hell to overeat while in ketosis. You won't be hungry enough to gorge yourself like you would if you were eating high carb/sugars. Eating 4000 calories of keto meals is much more difficult to do than eating 4000 calories of cake.

  5. I stayed on steak and eggs diet (with some chicken and fish occasionally) for 2 and a half years. Than I experimented with some of the called "safe starches" . (Mostly jasmine rice, sweet potatoes occasionally). First few days it was fine but after the 2nd week I began to feel like crap. My self confidence went to trash, I got very tired and sleepy and my productivity went down. I also noticed I became SLIGHTLY LESS happy and satisfied from life in general. So I jumped back on my meats and eggs. For only one week I felt awesome again. Maybe them safe starches have their place , but for now I will keep the away from my diet …
    Btw thank you for sharing all of the information. Great channel !
    PEACE !

  6. im 63kg 174cm tall and 16% body fat i am dieting to limit my body fat as much as possible because i dont think its fair for some people to be naturally under 10% for example so i am restricted to a ketogenic diet of 1250 calories a day which will it actually work for me if im doing everything right or will i just gain fat from the larger ammount of fat it is quite risky and i would say scary because ive lost a lot of weight recently and wouldnt want to gain it again

  7. I just loved when you ran your finger thru your hair at the beginning lol. Joking greetings from NYC. Im starting today and hopes this works. I have no idea how to count calories. Find it harder since i cook at home. If i ate out it would be easier with my fitness pal but more expensive.

  8. My mate laughed when I told them I was gonna lose fat with just using Fenoboci Diet Plan, but after I showed them great effects right after I used it they are begging me to tell them about it. Of course I won't let them know the details about this diet plan, haha

  9. what is the lowest one should go in calories though?
    i did a keto cycle diet back in 2012 (its my profile picture) at around 1500 calories and i lost 30 lbs fast. but i also lost a lot of strength. what would you recommend?

  10. Like Menno Henselmans told you only too much glycogen will be turned into fat. Insulin isnt a problem. Insulin transfers glucose into glycogen (liver and muscle cells). 

  11. however though, do calories from fat matter? one reason people get into it is to lose weight and make the body a fat burning machine…in saying that should we count the calories from fat? and whats your view on a ketogenic diet while doing intermittent fasting?

  12. Amen brother.. I gradually cut my carbs over a few months, 6 weeks ago I cut to 20-30g of carbs a day.
    I began the Keto lifestyle as a means of correcting what I call a "foggy brain" which occurred after a car crash and subsequent TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).

    Listening to you and Stephanie talk about the mental clarity, the ease that comes about in the brain and body! I was hooked.. I'm still on my journey and here's where I'm at:

    Brain fog- gone
    Mental agility- up!
    Speech/annunciation- much improved
    Balance and coordination- better
    Memory- fantastic
    Testosterone- huge improvement
    Weight- down 217 to 203 in 6.5 weeks

    AND if finally feel like getting back in the gym! (Low testosterone b4= lazy)

    Much thanks to you for your passion in sharing with the rest of us!

  13. I have a hard time eating ENOUGH calories on my keto diet.  I am literally NEVER hungry and eating is such a chore some meals.  It's not difficult at all to restrict calories on keto.  It just comes naturally.

  14. Well, I think people may have came to this conclusion because of the Atkin's diet. I know that' what I thought. I did Atkin's a long time ago and you didn't have to count calories…it was just the carbs.  Anyways, this is a great video. Thanks

  15. Hi there, I love your videos, they are full of useful info and I appreciate the effort and research that goes into providing accurate and factual information. I am a little over a month into keto and started out at 250 with a 29.8% body fat, I've already lost almost 20 lbs and lowered my body fat to 26%, I've noticed that I am only registering trace amounts of ketones on my keto sticks, when I started they were registering moderate. I have a bad back and 2 bad shoulders from years of manual labor, so working out is tough on my body, my goal was to lose some weight first using keto to ease the load on my joints and then start a real workout regimen. If I'm not working out daily then shouldn't I be seeing more free ketones going through my system? I'm worried that I'm slipping in and out of ketosis. 

  16. Great Point! I couldn't lose weight because I was doing to many calories. Your right people are misleading others. Most of them like being on wanna B tv thinking there important lol. The diet doesn't make sense to me. People going around trying to chew on 70 percent fat with all the wonderful food we have? In the heat, the last thing I wanna do is chomp on fat! Fruit season is coming.

  17. ok i been in keto for 20 days i was feeling good but now iam feeling down i mean lower than a ant i do not no y i have my cals=1800 to 2000, fats=150 to 200, carbs=25 to 30, protein=135 to 175

  18. Me and my husband have been on keto for two weeks and lost weight the first 3 days ,then stopped and gain the weight back. Then we began to count our calories and found out that we were eating way to much. We are now restricting our calories and are starting to lose weight again slowly . It makes me made that we waisted 12 days by hearing (eat all you want of fat) .

  19. The usage of "calories in, calories out" is also by itself quite misleading and oversimplified. I found out about this myself.

    In theory, I should eat around 3000 calories each day to maintain my weight. When I started LCHF, I average on 4000+ calories with the amount of fat and protein I consumed.

    I didn't gain weight, but I did slowly lose weight each day in a steady manner.

  20. Good video, and a nice channel… keep up the good work!
    Question: maybe you could do a video on alcohol?
    What I mean is that for many people having a diet work as a lifestyle, one WILL drink once in a while. So, you being somewhat more soft or liberal in your aproach maybe have some ideas on how to minimize the harm of using alcohol? Is there a 'best way' to drink (and here I mean a night out maybe once a month, I do not mean having one glass of red ecological wine with the food) while on a ketogenic lifestyle, maybe a way to get back to normal state of ketosis fast and also things one could do to lessen the impact on the body before/while drinking?
    Have been all over Ecuador, so seing your vids really make me long for returning… hopefully one day soon :)

  21. Thanks for all this info your awesome! .. This is really a good diet when you adapt.. i don't get tired at the gym, i don't get hungry, i feel energetic, and i feel much healthier

  22. Thank you so much, I recently found that YES I do need to consider calories even on Keto!  I am tired of hearing you don't have to consider calories at all.  Very misleading.  As you said, often times you naturally do ingest lower calories because you are very satisfied and appetite is suppressed.  

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