Performance and strength don’t suffer on a ketogenic diet after you are well adapted to the fat based low carbohydrate metabolism – plus a glimpse into some of the training I do around the house to get shredded and build muscle.


20 Replies to “Do strength / performance suffer on a Ketogenic Diet? Fit does not equal healthy, training at home”

  1. Logically too much exercises actually make us older, because we destroy our body?
    How it's a new car vs a 2 years old one?
    How it's a 2 years old car used rarely and carefully vs 1 month very highly used car?

  2. Im on the 3rd week of my ketogenic diet. First 2 weeks i could barely workout at all, but all of a sudden im having the best workouts of my life. Im lifting weights for 2 hrs and having to tell myself to stop. Im now able to do 40-50 reps on each exercise with 40 lbs dumbells (Its all i have). Im getting shredded. Idk wtf is goin on but Ive never felt so good.

  3. I too suffer a little when first adopting a keto diet. But after the first month my energy and stamina have almost tripled!! I'm able to do bodypump every day in an aerobic state (nose breathing only). Thanks for sharing your personal testimony bro!

  4. I've have just started a Keto diet this week. I'm still going to the gym everyday but I'm really lagging in performance. My lifting hasn't suffered much but my cardio is way down. I normally can do 30 minutes of cardio with no real issue. My last cardio session was bad. After 10 minutes I was dragging. Is it just a factor that my body is still switching over from carbs to fat usage? It's odd because everyday activities other than the gym have been unaffected. 

  5. You are so creative. Awesome family and I love that food you made.I am 48 and I didnt know I was in ketogenic diet it is help me to look young so people ask my secret ..I have no secret ..But they never will eat what we eat …..Thank you for great videos

  6. Strength training and bobybuilding can be done obviously in ketosis but can you do high intsensive training like crossfit, running, hockey, soccer…? I heard that low carb and crossfit burn you out in about one year, if you do like paleo for example. Is it possible to just add even more fat to recover? Like 400 grams fat if youre are a high level athlete? And is possible to bulk in ketosis or is it just for weight control and easy sports?

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