This video features a conversation with Dr. Dom D’Agostino, an assistant professor at the University of South Florida in Tampa and all around expert on ketosis.

In this conversation we discuss SO MUCH, including…

• Dom’s efforts at teasing out the differences between induced nutritional ketosis (through a low carbohydrate, high fat diet) and ketosis from the dietary introduction of exogenous ketones, like beta-hydroxybutyrate, especially in the context of therapeutic and performance enhancing effects.

• His work on formulating ketone esters.

• The differences in tolerability between MCT (medium chain triglycerides) powders versus liquids, as well as the amount of supplemental MCT a person would need to consume in order to achieve mild ketosis without carbohydrate restriction.

• The differences between different types of ketogenic diets.

• The modified atkins diet which has been demonstrated to have similar efficacy to the classical ketogenic diet in the treatment of drug-resistant epilepsy and how it may be a slightly more practical option for achieving therapeutic nutritional ketosis.

• The importance of making the correct carbohydrate choices, even and maybe especially in the context of a ketogenic diet, with a diverse variety of raw vegetables being the most favorable.

• What keto adaptation is and what it means, at a physiological level, to be keto adapted and how this is distinguished from short periods of ketosis we experience in our day-to-day lives.

• Some of Dom’s ideas around cycling various dietary strategies as a way of promoting metabolic flexibility.

• How ketones, when used as a source of energy, may result in a net reduction in the number of damaging reactive byproducts known as reactive oxygen species than what may be produced by other forms of energy metabolism while also producing more ATP from, proportionately, the same amount of oxygen. … AND SO MUCH MORE.

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34 Replies to “Dominic D’Agostino, Ph.D. on Modified Atkins Diet, Keto-Adaptation, Ketosis & More”

  1. I hope that someday Rhonda factors in that all fats are not equal. I have never seen any study with animals or humans where they are fed optimal raw non oxidized specie specific fats. My guess is the studies she pours over sway her away from considering ingesting fat beyond what most of the scientific community accepts.
    I understand one doesn't have time in one life time to experiment with every diet possibility. But a high raw fat experimentation certainly would go a long way to overturn the bias that one accumulates when one reads standard studies… In other words, fear binds us.

  2. So not everyone can benefit from a ketogenic diet unless he/she tries your three methods and see what works for them ? Really ? Why cant you come up with a simple formula 

  3. I love your interviews Rhonda. So amazing, and life changing to get details of info like this, especially for people that are interested in these subjects and have done research, and their own experimentation, this fills in pieces of the puzzle every time you have an interview.

  4. I love Mr. A'Gnostino's interviews and information. And, I fear he may not realize how dangerous it would be for himto find a nutritional effective cure for cancer and talk about it. Or appear to be approaching that. He will be sabotagedand his research funding will be curtailed and worse case scenario he will die of a heart attack or perhaps motor vehicle accident. The cancer industry is not just a big money maker that has suppressed many discovered cures, mostly discovered by highly skilled researchers and medical doctors and some from folk medicine, but there is a hidden hand agenda that includes the population effects of cancer. Senator Toby [or Tobey] from NH delved into it after his adult son was sent home to die of cancer after being treated with all that the AMA offered and the son heard of a doctor in near by MA who had stumbled upon a cure for cancer [and who had tried and failed to get the AMA interested] & Senator Charles Toby's son, who had the same name as Dad, was cured! There had been many ongoing complaints to Congress about the abusive AMA suppressing cancer treatments that were at least as effective & less toxic than the AMA big 3 treatments which were in 1952-53 the samme as now; surgery, radiation, chemotherapy [based, I read on the same substances used to create the mustard gas weapon used in WW I]. The senator headed a Senate sub-committee and used that to commission an investigation into the allegations that the AMA was suppressing competitive effective modalities for treating cancer. Benedict Fitzgerald, as I recall, was an attorneyfamiliar to the committee who was charged with the task of investigation and after the premature death of the healthy 72ish year old Senator Toby by a heart attack, the sub-committee quickly dropped/stopped the cancer investigation and fired Fitzgerald. However, at the request of the Senator's son, the report prepared by Fitzgerald based on his investigation to that point was placed in the Congressional record in 1953 [or 1952]. This report was brought to the attention of the now deceased [old age]f popular alt. radio host Dr. Stanley Monteith who included it in his monthly newsletter some years ago and it is findable online probably including in; and presumably in the Congressional Record. The more recent death of still youthful Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez in NYC is not insignificant and the now punished also still youthful Italian oncologist Dr. Tulio [or Tullio] Simoncini who has a good website in several languages  findable online and who wrote a book explining it allCANCER IS A FUNGUS which was published in a few languages including English but is not sold in the USA. He speaks English with a heavy accent and one can find interviews online and linked from his website. The book had and may still have a website whose address is the name of the book plus .com but did not link to the doctor's info filled website. He has been defrocked and I have not looked for but perhaps will what has become of him. He revealed that cancer is a Candida Albicans infectionand explains that. He usually used his treatment as a last resort  for patients who had utilized all the AMA [same in Italy apparently] big3 and were sent home to die. His treatment? Medical grade baking soda solution [mixed with sterilized H2O]injected into the tumors. I do not know if surgery was necessary to remove the tumors which died and shrank . Sodium Bicarbonate=baking soda. His treatment was /is for tumors and not geared to prevention  etc.  There are interviews with Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez or Gonzales  on the internet and some easily found inthe archives of the internet radio program: One Radio Network that emanates from Texas. I read recently that a preliminary study found that HIV requires a lot of glucose [everything about AIDS seems odd to me] and the study used some substance that blocked infected T-cells from making gucose available for the internal HIV; that glucose only became available to  such cells when they were activated and the drug I guess culd deactivate or somesuch. I mention this because, obviously nutritional ketosis in this case as with cancer would obviously hold great potential esp to facilitate cancers never getting a foothold in the body and since cancer requires high amounts of glucose and insulin and cannot utilize ketones nutritional ketosis seems a fabulous anti-cancer modality and lifestyle  chronic illness avoidance modality. I want to try it  soon though I will miss bread and sugar. I should also point out that I've read that the ketogenic diet has worked for adult epileptics as well as children and with some degree of cures in that after stopping the diet seizures did NOT resume. This also has been treated as a threat to the same big pharma [it is not the AMA ultimately but big pharma which is owned by the same people/families who own Big Oil or Big Energy and do not want to allow any infringement on drug monopoly. Japan some years ago had a company the was pursuing the CRAZY idea that cars could run on water,and even reached a point where there was government support for using extended on- road study in certain regions of Japan but then it was stopped without explanation at the time. When Fukushima happened I wondered if it was possibly a punishmentfor government  defiance; but who knows?

  5. Harvard did a study with 90,000 nurses on a high fat diet and it's how you cook the fat.  If you burn the fat you increase your risk of colon cancer by 500% whereas not burning the fat has a 500% decreased risk of colon cancer.  Research Dr Joel Wallach on dead doctors don't lie or the real cure with dr joel Wallach.  Oils are all bad they cause inflammation ( even olive oil and coconut oil)

  6. You are questioning way too much. Ketosis is the only medical miracle out there. I've been keto for a large part of 45 years.When I strayed I had disasters and with compliance restoring and creating miracles.I have a medical history that is far beyond horrible.I have such a rare and horrible core genetic condition that this has quelled.I would love to take to both of you I know tricks and effects that many don't.This is my only hope and salvation!!!!!Contact me,If you wish!!!!!

  7. dr.rhonda.. so can I take a supplement to get the benefits of ketosis while still eating carbs? dr.a'gostino… so u want to have your cake and eat it too?…. hilariously accurate lol

  8. hi,
    does anyone have any experience with the impact of a ketogenic diet on concentration levels,duration/brain performance/effects on ADHD,ADD?
    would love to hear some input on that

  9. This is so ridiculous. Why do you think mitochondria have to work harder to burn ketones rather than sugars? Because it's LESS EFFICIENT, not because it's better! When the body has equal (50%) access to fat and carbs it's gonna burn the sugar 90% off the time while storing the fat for future emergencies, hence not producing ketones. Why do you think that is? Because your body is OPTIMIZED ON SUGAR, NOT KETONES! Fat is stored for future scarcity scenarios (like starvation or high exercise in which it cannot get enough from blood sugar) in which it is converted into ketones for EMERGENCY, NOT PREFERRED metabolism. HENCE, YOU ARE MAKING YOUR BODY LESS EFFICIENT ON A HIGH KETOSIS DIET, so yes, you might in that sense loose some weight, but is it healthy/optimal?
    This whole Atkins diet is totally last century. They should call it the 911 diet instead, as your body is in a constant state of stress, having to work with suboptimal energy source.

  10. I was in ketosis, high animal fat content and MCT oils, for 6 months lost some weight , my concerns was when I did a blood cholostrol test and it was not so good, my ldl to help ratios has always been bad but now it was off the charts, total cholostrol 7.36, LDL/HDL ratio 6.5 with LDL being @ 5.43 and HDL @ 0.8 4 and triglycerides @1.27. so I decided to stop and go back to my normal diet . does this mean I don't respond well to this type of diet ?

  11. The mechanism of vitamin B12 deficiency with metformin is undoubtedly
    due to malabsorption of vitamin B12 at its absorption site in the
    terminal ileum. Initially, it was believed that metformin caused
    proliferation of bacteria in the small bowel either due to an effect on
    intestinal motility or an increased intestinal glucose level.[8]
    However, the current and more likely explanation for metformin-induced
    vitamin B12 malabsorption and deficiency is that metformin has an effect
    on calcium-dependent membrane action in the terminal ileum.[9]
    Absorption of the vitamin B12-intrinsic factor complex is calcium
    dependent and metformin interferes with this absorption. In support of
    this hypothesis is evidence that dietary calcium supplementation
    reverses metformin-induced vitamin B12 malabsorption.[10]
    The risk of adverse effects from metformin-induced vitamin B12
    malabsorption will increase with the time of exposure to metformin
    since, after partial gastrectomy and removal of intrinsic factor, it
    takes twelve to fifteen years for vitamin B12 levels to become
    Therefore, in those patients who have been on long-term metformin, an
    annual vitamin B12 level should be obtained. Perhaps a more practical
    and cost-effective approach would be to give every patient on metformin
    an annual 1000 microgram injection of vitamin B12 which is sufficient to
    cover vitamin B12 needs for at least a year. An alternative therapy
    would be to prophylactically administer calcium carbonate (1.2 grams
    daily) which may also correct the "loose stools" associated with
    metformin therapy.[10]
    This case is exceptional in that it shows a rapid development of
    neuropathy due to vitamin B12 deficiency. To my knowledge, this is also
    the first case described of metformin-induced neuropathy due to
    metformin-induced vitamin B12 malabsorption. However, I also believe
    that there are many cases of metformin-induced vitamin B12 deficient
    neuropathy that are misdiagnosed as diabetic neuropathy. This patient
    developed peripheral neuropathy after only three years of therapy with
    metformin presumably because he had thalassemia minor and increased red
    cell turnover, which, in conjunction with metformin-induced vitamin B12
    malabsorption, rapidly depleted his vitamin B12 stores.
    In conclusion, vitamin B12 malabsorption is a chronic complication
    of metformin therapy which can present with irreversible neuronal
    damage. On metformin therapy vitamin B12 levels should be checked on an
    annual basis. An alternative and a more practical and cost-effective
    method to avoid vitamin B12 deficiency would be an annual vitamin B12
    injection that would provide more than the annual vitamin B12 needs for
    every patient on chronic metformin therapy.

  12. I don't think that everyone has to do all the measuring and testing. I can tell right away when I'm in ketosis because I get acetone mouth, constipation, weight loss, lack of hunger and a certain mental sluggishness which rapidly passes. Since I'm a very regular person, the constipation is unmistakable. I'm also quite mentally alert so so is the mental sluggishness. Acetone mouth, lack of hunger and weight loss are also pretty clear cut. If you're ill that's one thing but we also need to tune into and trust our bodies. Not doing that is how many of us got fat in the first place. Just sayin…

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