What type of exercise should on engage in (if any) while adapting to a ketogenic diet? The adaptation phase can be a bit difficult for some, so exercising can be an added stress that could increase the burden on the body, thus making adaptation more of a rough experience. Heavy cardio will not be fun or helpful during the first weeks o inducing ketosis! Keep it mellow and treat the adaptation phase as a resting and rebuilding transition time.


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  1. hello ive been 3 days on key a vegan keto but I have not had foggy headed nor have too much strength. But my breath has change my sleep is good. I dont understand how come this is happening. i do notice like too have alot of energy. My starting adaptación phase im eating with a surplus or not be hungry

  2. Thanks! This makes me feel better. I am a marathon runner that has just started a keto diet about 15 days ago. My running has slowed a bit but has not been that awful. I'm just trying to figure out what to eat on long runs lasting 3 hours or more now that I'm not having sugar…any suggestions?

  3. I've read that the quicker you deplete your glycogen stores in your muscles, the quicker you pass through keto flu and into ketosis. I live in Anchorage, Alaska, so I'm minutes away from dozens of steep mountains I love to climb. I figured the day I start, I would go on a long hike to deplete my glycogen. I figure even if I'm not activating all my muscles as much as my legs, a 5 hour 8,000 vertical feet hike is probably going to deplete the majority of it. Thoughts?

  4. Oh, it's totally me. Almost three weeks on keto, but still adapting. I feel weakness during cardio, weakness even when climb stairs. But my physical form was crappy anyway. My bf on the contrary is super fit, took him couple of days to get adapted and now he is enjoying it :)

  5. Great video. I'm finding your vids very helpful. I'll have to check out your webpage. I started keto about a month ago, and am very overweight.. But the weight is starting to come off. Hoping it continues. Thanks for your vids.

  6. Do you raccomend for a skinny guy like me (6.2 ft, 142 pounds, 5% body fat) to push to a strict Keto? It's safe?
    I'm going to lose even more fat and muscle? My macros: 50-70g Carbs, 120g Proteins, 180-200g Fat.
    Thanks great channel.

  7. When I started my ketogenic diet the only exercise I did was some low intensity cardio. I did no heavy resistance training and gradually increased my daily caloric source to fats . It was about a two week duration for me to adapt. In my reading about ketosis I can to the conclusion given the change from glucose to fats as the major source for the production of ATP time was required for the enzymes to be enhanced for ketogenesis by the mitochondria in the liver and for enzymes for ketolysis in the skeletal muscles and brain mitochondria. The former is for the production of ketones from the fats consumed and the latter for the usage of the ketones produced by the liver. The only issue I had was when I consumed too much medium chain triglycerides at once…some stomach discomfort.

  8. Good video! After reviewing research by Volek and Phinney I have been integrating resistance training plus long and slow Maffetone-style cardio at 180 BPM minus age heart rate. Good results over two months. My goal is to arrive at my next half-marathon fully keto-adapted, 15 pounds lighter while maintaining strength and lean body mass. Thanks for your work in this area.

  9. I find this curious because I decided to resume the Stronglifts program as I'm adapting. While I don't mind taking a break from exercise, it makes me feel lazy when I don't exercise. So I might not give the program up, but I won't be starting any HIIT sessions until my energy levels balance out more.
    Thanks for the video!

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