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When embarking on a ketogenic diet for health or fat loss, finding the optimum protein intake can be very confusing for many beginners. For smooth adaptation in the transition to a ketogenic metabolism I typically guide people using a caloric spread of around 70-80% fat, 15-25% protein, and 5% carbohydrate from green fibrous vegetables – but this ratio varies for every individual and using percentages is confusing and misleading in many cases. The best way to look at macronutrients is not in percentage ratios, but in grams. The slew of bloggers and gurus spouting so much conflicting information leads many into a mental stalemate about how much protein they should be eating. This article lays out the metrics I most commonly use to quantify how much protein an individual should intake – there is no magic ratio and the needs, preferences, and goals of the individual determine the amount of protein they will likely require on their ketogenic diet which usually lies within a relatively broad range of 1-2.5g/kg of bodyweight or .5-1g/lb of lean body mass respectively.


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  1. What is your opinion on stephanie ketogenics approach to eating only around 70 grams of protein? I know I am feeling a little better upping my protein to 120grams per day =D. Still post meal blood sugar at 76 and ketones at 2.6 =D

  2. I'm starting keto again!!!! I loved how I felt mentally but I wasn't losing weight I think my fat was to high. I'm starting at 25g net carbs 130 grams protein 220grams fat. That puts me at 2700 calories a day! I'm at 196 lbs 15% body fat and wanted to be back to around 170 and a lean machine!!! I didn't really want to lose this hard earned muscle so I'm hoping the muscle sparing effects will do me great justice. I'm really in it for the mental benefits and health, the shredded body is just a plus

  3. I'm 5'9 presently 146lbs @?% bf. Calculations average about at 2200kcals for maintenance so I'm at a caloric deficit to 1500kcals. I'm moderately active during the week, at work and do 16 mins HIIT routine 5-6 mornings per week. I burn on average 200-215kcals per session. I presently get 1g of protein/1lb body weight to save argument. Macro ratio on average for carbs to 114.25g and fats 51g. I obviously maintain those ratios when adding extra intake to allow for the expenditure during exercise. As a baseline when starting a ketogenic lifestyle (before HIIT calculations) should I go with 0.5g/1lb body weight for protein, 30g carbs and the rest in fats… I.e. 121g. This would equate to 1500kcals. Is 1500kcals about right or possibly to low?

  4. I love protein and fat. I workout hard lifting weights always breaking the muscles down and letting them rebuild. I get almost 240 grams per day. But I'm pretty tall and muscular I burn calories fast. ( 6 ft 5 198 lbs 8% body-fat) I love how my body gets hot after eating protein it feels good.

  5. hey tristan. just wanted to keep you updated on my keto lifestyle. its been approx. 2 months since ive pooped. feel fantastic. not constipated. not trying to be a "told you so" kind of post but i just wanted to let you know because you asked me to update you

  6. For your next Q&A:I am a gym rat. I love to work out 2 hours a day, on average. I switch it up between strength training and cardio. I put my stats into both a fitness tracker and use a heart rate monitor, and by the end of the day I am burning 3500 calories. I want to lose a few pounds but I am worried about going into starvation mode because that is a lot of food, and I some days I struggle getting 1500 in a day. Do you have any tips on how I can balance my workout routine and keto diet?

  7. Hey Tristan, when you went back to carbs for five weeks you said you used honey primarily? What other carb sources did you use and how much did you drop the fats? What fat sources did you use during this time?

    Please Answer!!!! 😀

    Thanks :P

  8. I didn't make any serious gains until I ramped my Protein Intake up to 200 gramms a day, and I'm not that tall (178cm). Also, I really feel good with so much meat and fish ;). It goes perfectly with all that Butter and Olive Oil.

    Maybe I could do with less, but why should I? I have a hard time gaining mass at it is. There are too many Zealots on Keto-Forums, who preach their opinions like it is gospel. If only more would be like you, looking at facts, listening to reason ;).

  9. When protein is digested it releases amino acids into the blood, the liver can convert amino acids into glucose, but they are used for lots of other things to like enzyme production, muscle/organ repair and skin/hair growth.

  10. do you have any articles on keto/low carb and libido? I've heard both sides where some say it destroys libido and others have reported increased libido

  11. Let me share my experience on that topic.
    Am doing a ketogenic diet for the last 2 years for health reason.
    Long story short,over a period of 7 years,i went from 195lbs of lean
    body mass to 140lbs of skin & bones.
    That's where i've give the ketogenic diet a try and it basically save my life.
    I've restart my weight training about 15 months after starting the keto diet.
    I had to restart at the very bottom of the ladder,i was slowly getting stronger
    but i was unable to put on muscle.
    I did weight training all my life and i use to be a "easy gainer" but not anymore.
    I've try to "unlock" the mystery of why i was not "growing" like i use to be.
    I first though it was cause by the lack of carbs in my diet.(under 15gr/day)
    After more than 9 months of experimentation i've finally "crack the code"
    It was my proteins intake,i was using about 120gr of proteins per day cause
    many peoples claim that the ketogenic diet have a protein sparing effect but
    it doesn't seem to work for me.
    I've recently raise my proteins intake to 200gr per day and i am finally making
    muscle gain.
    Note that i've always maintain a slight daily caloric surplus.
    And even with 200gr of proteins per day,my blood ketone level is always
    between 0.8 to 1.5 mol when i wake up.
    Of course am training 6 days per week,just like when i was in my "peak" years.

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