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A full day of eating keto style…here is a typical day of eating delicious nutrient dense keto foods at slightly above maintenance calories with macros broken down for each meal. Today I was at 110g protein, 207g fat, and 16.5g net carbs for a total of 2,378 kcals (I made a couple little typos in teh subtitled macros on the 1st 2 meals, sorry bout that!). I’m currently about 160lb and 5’8″ tall. For those percentage-obsessed folks, that’s about 78% fat 18.5% protein and 3.5% net carbs. If my goal was losing bodyfat that ratio would look different, hence why I always point out that percentages are irrelevant to most keto users.

I usually keep it relatively simple, this is the food we had around today and it was absolutely delicious. I don’t always utilize intermittent fasting, for adding lean muscle it is likely not the best strategy, but the last few weeks I’ve enjoyed starting my meals later in the day. Keto + IF work quite nicely together, intermittent fasting is what got me interested in a ketogenic diet and I enjoy the synergy of the two as a strategy for health and boosting cognitive function.


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  1. Hi! You look great! I was wondering how do you build muscle mass on keto diet? My husband loves lifting heavy weights but recently he has started keto diet/paleo diet and he is sad because he can't lift as much as before he says he lacks the energy since he has no carbs. He wants to change to bodyweight exercises like push ups etc. I was wondering, how can he still build muscle mass without carbs? would he still have energy to do any resistance training? Thanks!

  2. Are you only listing the net carbs for each meal? Because I know for a fact that 1 avocado has more than 5.5 g of carbohydrates which is what you listed in the 2nd meal. Not trying to be nit-picky, just curious. I typically get around 40-45 grams of carbs/d but have around 20 g of fiber as well.

  3. I just came across this video.. I can agree, my taste buds have definitely changed since I have been on keto.. I dont crave the sugary stuff anymore, I crave mostly broccoli, cauliflower and cheese LOL. I will however have to try the avocado, broccoli recipe 😀 that sounds delicious.

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  5. hummm at 12.06 min you said your meal contains 5.5g of carb but one avocado could have around 20g of carb and you said in that side dish has one avocado and broccoli mashed up. plus all the other things in your plate will have carb too. So how did your maths got to ONLY 5.5g of carb? my maths says you are not in ketosis. :/

  6. Love your videos man. Could you please mention your fiber count next time you do one of these? It is an essential "macro" and many find it hard to get sufficient fiber on a Ketogenic diet.

  7. Great video! You and your family are so gorgeous and really living the dream. Wow – how lucky you are to be living in Ecuador!!! Thanks for sharing your amazing-healthy lifestyle! PS – Love your quartz pendant!!!

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