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23 Replies to “How do I know I’m “KETO ADAPTED”? Ketogenic Diet confusion, what is keto adaptation?”

  1. Another didactic video..thank you. So with this concept in mind, would it be safe to say that once the body is fully adapted and in "nutritional ketosis", those lethargic/ low energy days will be totally nonexistent? Or can there still be a day here and there where energy levels are shot? Thanks kindly in adv. for your response.

  2. is there anything i can do to get through "low carb flu" without feeling too shitty? i am young and relatively healthy but a little overweight and am looking to get healthier by using a ketogenic diet. its been a real struggle for me to get my body into ketosis.

  3. Thanks Tristan , this was a timely and helpful chat. I've not measured the level of my KETO adaptation. I made the choice to embark on this journey for the mental and physical benefits I've been observing with others over the past couple of years. After 7 days of eating KETO, I'm feeling good, have a better amount of mental clarity, less hungry or 'munchy' and I'm enjoying the process of taking a more conscious control over my diet and vitality. I'm also seeing a physical improvement in the mirror after only 7 days with no significant changes to my naturally physically active lifestyle. With this new and fresh energy I'm looking forward to continuing on this journey and appreciate your sharing as inspiration and motivation!

  4. I love having energy but I am not sleeping. Started waiting up at 1 or so and can't get back to sleep….yikes! Sure have read a lot of posts on Facebook keto groups that are going through the same. Why?

  5. I think this is maybe the best video you've made yet. I was doing 1 meal a day and loving it, until SKP (who is apparently trying to set herself as some 'ultimate keto authority') freaked me out about eating too much protein at once. Thanks to you I finally stopped listening to her rants and went back to 1 meal a day and am again loving it. I have done many diets and won several physique contests back in the day. I feel that I know my body pretty well. I believe that I remain fully keto adapted because I have literally no appetite and that has never happened before no matter what diet I have been on. I am clearly running on primarily ketones while eating 1 large meal a day that is 80 grams of protein or higher.

  6. Tristen 2 question: 1) why you send the maca only to US? if im wrong how can i order it to israel?
    2) how you implement it in your ketogenic diet while most of it is carb?

  7. Hi Tristan, I recently checked out Ketogains and they seem to be about higher protein, lower fat, and really concerned with calories. I was just wondering what your thoughts are on that approach. I just like to hear your perspective on things, it helps level me out.;)

  8. When your are wide awake all day, energized, and all hunger signals are gone and you're able to eat only when you are ready, and you are obtaining desired results, then you are there. Good info.

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