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On average, consume 20-40 grams of fat per meal.

1. Heavy Cream *1 TBS *5g *51 *6 TBS
2. Egg *1 egg *5g *74 *3-4
3. Beef (80%) *3 oz *16g *213 *3-6 oz
4. Coconut Oil *1 TBS *14g *120 *2 TBS
5. Brie Cheese *3 oz *28g *300 *3 oz
6. Almond Butter *1 TBS *10g *100 *3 TBS
7. Olive Oil *1 TBS *14g *119 *2 TBS
8. Bacon *1 slice *3g *43 *3-6 Slices
9. Pecans *10 nuts *20g *196 *15 Nuts
10. Macadamia Nuts *10 nuts *21g *204 *15 Nuts
11. Peanut Butter *1 TBS *8g *94 *3-4 TBS
12. Almonds *10 nuts *6g *70 *3-4 TBS
13. Avocado *1 whole *30g *322 *1
14. Ice cream *1 cup *22g *200 *1 cup
(ice cream MUST to have NO sugar)

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, 51 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in weight loss through nutritional and natural methods. His private practice is located in Alexandria, Virginia. His clients include senior officials in the U.S. government and the Justice Department, ambassadors, medical doctors, high-level executives of prominent corporations, scientists, engineers, professors, and other clients from all walks of life. He is the author of The 7 Principles of Fat Burning, published by KB Publishing in January 2011. Dr. Berg trains chiropractors, physicians and allied healthcare practitioners in his methods, and to date he has trained over 2,500 healthcare professionals. He has been an active member of the Endocrinology Society, and has worked as a past part-time adjunct professor at Howard University.












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30 Replies to “How Much Fat Do I Eat: Ketogenic Diet?”

  1. Hi Doctor, I had my Gallbladder removed 5 years ago. Because of health issues I'm now taking several of your products including Gallbladder formula. Please advise what KINDS of fats I should be eating/avoiding….Saturated? Monosat? I'm currently avoiding saturated (coconut oil) but need to be clear on this. Thanks for all your videos and products!

  2. If someone would care to explain this to me if I am wrong I'd appreciate it. Assuming you eat the maximum 40g of fat per meal for 3 meals- there are 9 calories per gram of fat, so 3 x 40 x 9 = 1080 calories. On a keto diet 75% of your calories should come from fat, but if you add up the other macronutrients the total is still well bellow 1500 calories… What am I missing? are there 4-5 meals? he recommended 2 meals which I agree with, but the macros just don't add up

  3. Dr. Berg your videos are excellent and very informative. You are providing a long overdue service in nutrition and understanding how to maintain their bodies. Really great work and thank you for the videos!

  4. thanks for these vidios dr Eric
     i start ketosise since 2 month i reach 97kg from 106kg but stop lossing wt
    what can i do to start losse wt againe
     and pleas till us the amount of food i shoud eat in grams because i donot know the once

  5. Hi, dr Berg. I'm dedicated to the ketogenic diet, 5 months already, and i have awesome results, it worked perfect on me. I would like to tell a big thank you, for all the tips and information, I've heard in your videos. Can you tell me, how this diet works on people with migraine, could it be helpful? Thank you in advance!

  6. started keto diet this week. started taking wheatgrass yesterday. Having Rapid heartbeats. Woke up at 3am with Rapid heartbeats. Having them now, sitting up, or when lying down???? Help????

  7. I did put myself on this deadly fat burning regime – few spoons of fat a day + protein meal evening ( salmon or 2 eggs or steak) and cardio 3 times a week + six pack exercises – that was goal. I almost achieved it after 4 month, but my mood, oh dear.. Was it it worthy? I'm not sure.. At the the end of it I was thinking to start doing meth, to improve my mood and energy

  8. To be on strict ketosis – you need even cut greens. You eat only fat 90% and protein 10 %. When I say fat – I mean liquid pure fat ( not peanut butter or almonds)

  9. To switch into ketosis – you need strong will. It's not so easy. For few days ( if not weeks) you can crave sweets carbs, you feel exhausted, you can have racing heart in morning ( hypoglycaemia), joints muscle pains, mood swings, smelly sweats, or eve minor – flu like syndrome. After your body is adapted – you feel good – more energy, better mood. Finally you start loosing weight… But this heavenly asylum – don't last forever. After 2-3 months, you stop loosing weight. Your good mood end energy Is faded. Why? – Because – loose weight it's still about calories – even calories from fat – you need to watch them between ( 800- 1200 a day). So you end up still on low calorie diet ( even fat based) and to be effective in further loosing weight – you end up – having few table spoons of olive or avocado or coconut oil a day and in evening – source of protein ( 2 eggs, or steak, or fish) and that's it – that's your whole meal for day.. I'm talking on my experience..

  10. Sup Doc, could you please advise me if the following in cold meats are allowed : Dextrose, glucose syrup and lactose. All of the cold meats ham/salami/choppa/parmaham ect has that in. Is ok to eat or not?

  11. In order to loose weight you need to be in low calorie anyway ( 800- 1200) – but just from fat. If you have 2000 cal from fat you not loose weight. So what is the point of be on keto? One advantage Is: you not hungry as insuline is switched off..

  12. I know this what he is saying….but it take balls and courage to put this out there …this man is real, the doctors all want to put you low-fat diets and low salt to damage you more then to say your need meds. listen to this man. I back him up 150% I wish and hope he changes things in the medical field. he can teach the medical field this man is a BEAST in this knowledge, I could listen to him all day…..he's the BARACA OBAMA of this. he's articulate, charismatic, well versed , spoken ! he keeps it real. no bullshit! I love it…see what he said, until he perfects it!!! he don't pay or bullshit with his product and quality unlike these other fakers putting bullshit into these vitamin that damage you….either they don't work or just plain hurt you in the long run. Dr.Eric Berg never change, regardless your gonna make it big and be well loved and respected and we got your back!!! I brag about you to everyone. blessings come your way in many shapes and forms for you and family. regardless you always gonna have it. trust me, keep spitting that knowledge man. YOUR THE BEST!!!!

  13. this guy is AMAZING!!! seriously HE'S spittin that knowledge …no faking, no lying, all real. Dr. Eric Berg ROCKS YO!!! very enlightening. he makes this easy for everyone….simple quick and straight to the point and sweet all compact and detailed , he's a blessing. FUK MY LYING DOCTOR!!! I trust this man. he's sharing this knowledge god sent him to us. this man is a genius. and he knows people don't have much money, but shows you how to save yourself to servive thru all the lies they project to us. if I had the money I would buy all his product I'll save up to treat myself his product is worth it

  14. Some people may not be willing to eat the foods on this list due to possible trial outcomes:
    heavy cream: reaction cystic acne
    eggs: black heads
    grass fed beef: might have nightmares that someone killed a human and not a cow and you ate a human
    coconut oil: might wake up and can't move (spirit out of body)
    cheese: lots of little pimples all over your face
    almond butter: itchy skin
    olive oil: may be able to keep weight on better, not be skinny
    pecans: might get pimples
    ice cream: 🙂 no comment

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