I struggled for years to get rid of my fat belly and double chin. This is my story…

I lost my double chin and big fat beer belly after a near 6-year struggle. In the end the solution was easier than I expected. If only some could of told me right at the beginning I could have had 6 years of looking great and not wasting so much money on fads and enjoying the food I eat.

My fat belly made an appearance at the age of 26. I looked ridiculous with my big fat belly. Where did it come from? I did eat a lot of sausage rolls that Christmas, or maybe it was just turning 26. Whatever it was that fat belly was here to stay. Loosing weight was not something I had done before but I believed the answer was easy – eat less food and exercise. I was no expert but this simple formula seemed the most straightforward way to lose weight. It just had to be.

My fat belly motivated me to stop eating and get to the gym. I hit the gym with force. I skipped lunch to cut down on eating; I was sure this would eliminate my beer belly in a shot. After a few months of trying my best at the gym and almost starving myself I had defiantly lost weight; as much as 6kg – a good effort. But looking at my belly it didn’t look any smaller; in fact it might even be bigger. I had lost weight on every part of my body except my belly.

Doing too much exercise and not eating enough caused my body to burn muscle to get extra energy. What I had been doing was counter productive, I was reducing my muscles and increasing my fat storage. This was going to be harder than I thought.

Things were about to get worse now at the age of 28 a double chin. I was still at a total loss as to how I still managed to have the fat belly I had tried so hard to get rid of. I swapped weights for cardio – pushing myself for faster times on the bike and running further and further on the treadmill. After only a few weeks eating salad for lunch and hitting the treadmill every day I looked in the mirror and saw I had burned away almost all the muscle I had put on. I was back to square one.

A flyer came though my letterbox for a local gym that advertised body re-shaping by way of a special but sensible diet. I had never heard of Educogym but the flyer did seem intriguing. My own experience of weight loss had made me angry and cynical. But since I was getting married I would make one last attempt to sort my body out and I picked Educogym.

Gina at Educogym explained to me that we would be training every day for 12 days; only 20 minuets at a time but this would be high intensity. Gina then explained to me my new diet. Gina explained to me about a chemical called insulin. Insulin regulates blood sugar in the body and effects how the body burns energy. If your insulin is kept low then your body will burn fat and not muscle. To keep my insulin low I would need to eliminate one particular thing from my diet – SUGAR.

No sugar, and nothing made from flour. Starches such as bread and pasta will absorb itself into the blood and raise my insulin. Even natural sugars from fruit need to be kept to a minimum. Fats on the other hand do not raise your insulin.

Sugar is in so many of our daily foods; it’s only when you try to avoid it you realize how often you eat it. To my surprise milk is 40% sugar. No eating white bread, or any bread for that matter. I would have to train my body to burn fat and fat only. So from now on I will be eating only protein and fat. Something in me knew this was going to work.

Breakfast was Bacon and eggs every day, no toast or anything else. No milk in my tea or coffee; but I could use cream which I found very nice. Lunch was meat – beef, lamb, or pork (no chicken), preferably meat with a nice fat content, and some green vegetables. Dinner is more of the same. Adding some walnuts for additional fatty acids was beneficial.

After a few days my body was now in a state of ‘ketosis’. That is all the energy used by my body came from fat and not carbohydrates. The fats and protein diet had killed my hunger and prevented me getting sugar cravings for chocolate and other mid morning snacks. I was burning fat and only fat; if there was no fat in my stomach to be burned then it would have to come from that large fat deposit – my fat belly.

I started to notice the difference from day two. The flab around my belly was much softer. The diet was slightly tedious but bearable; I did really miss all those wonderful sugar hits from chocolate and other foods. On day 7 my wife looked at me while I was recovering on the sofa from my hard 20-minute workout and exclaimed, “your double chin has gone!” On day 12 my measurements concluded I had lost some 3% body fat, my double chin was gone and my beer belly was about half gone.

Success finally. After all these years it was a dream come true. My belly was still there but was significantly reduced but there was some work still to do but the trend had been broken. I now knew how to beat the fat.


Source by Richard Llewelyn Jones

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