Amazing information on how you get started on the ketogenic diet to produce and use viable ketones!


49 Replies to “HOW TO START THE KETOGENIC DIET… Part One!”

  1. I love Ketosis! I switched to it for medical reasons and it's amazing ! I feel incredible in keto! But I can't use sweet potato, as I'm not good with starch. Even sweet potato cuts out my keto and gives me insulin.

  2. I'm stuck on Atkins diet for months  and not losing any weight any more I think I will try the Ketogenic diet I have read that it can help to heal a lot of health problems .

  3. Hey Little Lady. Got a question or two for you. How do you get through plateaus? Or how DID you? I started my journey at 417 and have made it down to 379 SO far. Have not hit a plateau yet but im expecting one. I got lucky and never got the Keto Flu even though I jumped into KETO with both feet. straight to 20 G of carbs. No bullshitting around with it here. Its the same way I quit smoking and then quit drinking. When I put my mind to something I don't fuck around. Give me a Pick and shovel and point at a mountain, then just GTF out of the way. lol. But back on point. How to I blow through the wall I KNOW is supposed to be coming?  Im eating about 233 G of Fat and 140 or so protein. Ohhh so ya know I am 6' tall and weigh 379 at the moment. and 227 lbs is pure lean. I know, I got over 100 lbs to lose but its nothing but a thing. So any tips for blowing through the wall?Ohhhh, as for coffee, I drink a single cup when I get up with 2 Tbsp of whole butter and 1 tbsp. of coconut oil. The rest of the day, its decaf.

  4. You look amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! 47 no way… Ok you know you need to be on T.V selling something. Your energy is off the charts and you have the personalty for it…. I'm going try whatever it is that you are talking about it.. It may take a minute for me to figure it out though lol
    Also your skin looks good too!

  5. My Daughter was born without a Thyroid. She is on Armour Thyroid Desiccated Thyroid. It is better than Synthroid because that medicine only helps with T4 alone and you have to have both T3 and T4

  6. That was a lot of information good information thank you I am just looking into the Keytone diet. I am 61 years old I am overweight I had one knee replaced and I really need to get myself back on track. I am look forward to watching some of your other videos you mentioned and checking out your Facebook page thank you Joyce

  7. You are totally from Cali. You have a personality which outshines your physical beauty and utter sexiness… only on the golden coast. I look forward to surrounding myself with women like you again when I finish school and Jump over there.

  8. just want to say you are amazing and the best real down to earth and got the look coach i have seen i'm 50 and need a motivator like you you look 30 and your bod would shame most 20 year olds thank you for sharing keep it up I am telling every one about your channel God bless!!

  9. Wow, I'm 36 and thought that I was truly reaching the downhill side of a great physique…You're my new fitness hero!!! I feel there's hope for me now!!!! You. Effin. Rock. Sign me up for keto!

  10. Love your groove! You rock! .. Keto person here to 😉 .. and for me,, no coffee, nuts and cheese was also the thing,,, you are right on that 100%… once I dropped coffee especially, things moved on.

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