Keto Diet HACK! The trick I use to get and STAY in Ketosis

This boils down to:
– Bulletproof Coffee in the AM (For additional fat add more Grass-fed Butter + Heavy Cream)
– Brain Octane Oil 2x daily – 1Tbs per serving
*Recommended at noon and night
– Use Keto Strips to gauge ketone levels (about 70-80% accuracy)

Get the essentials below…
Bulletproof Coffee (5lb) –
Brain Octane Oil (32oz) –
Keto Strips (100 strips) –

This hack is a MASSIVE leg up when starting and working to stay in ketosis. The Ketogenic Diet can be intimidating to a lot of folks and understandably so. The amount of fat you need to take in is quite substantial. This can be even tougher for those adverse to taking in dairy and may want to retain a somewhat or even completely vegan lifestyle. The beauty of this hack is that it is exceptional at ensuring you get a steady baseline – a foundation of healthy fats offering the most in the way of cognitive benefit. This will elevate your health while making you feel great. A no brainer, right?

It wasn’t difficult for me to discover this hack. I’ve been drinking Bulletproof Coffee for more than a year now. So I was already beginning many of my mornings in a minor state of ketosis – substantial fat intake with a lack of carbs in a substantial window of time. If you really want to ease into this hack begin with BPC (Bulletproof Coffee) for a week and then begin folding in the Brain Octane Oil. Transition at a level of comfort that works for you and of course consult your physician before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle. This advice is in no way a medical/clinical recommendation.

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22 Replies to “Keto Diet HACK – Ketogenic Diet Trick To GET in Ketosis FASTER and STAY in Ketosis!”

  1. The REAL best way to get into ketosis fast: 1) Do not eat nothing for 48 hours.
    2)Drink water only. 3)Do some light exercise (five minutes every four hours).
    *The third day you can start an intermittent fasting, "18/6", high fat-low carb diet to keep ketosis going. Simple as that. The butter-coffee thing? You can add it to your diet if you want, but it's not really necessary.

  2. Get a good high grade ground coffee … Preferably for me beans and grind fresh… 2 tablespoons (28g) kerrygold unsalted or salted but taste wise I prefer unsalted and then 1-2 tablespoons (14g-28g) Organic Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil which I get from eBay…. REALFOODSOURCE… Best taste I've had from all the different sources I've purchased. Ghee is great but does not seem to mix smoothly as the rest then settles slightly on the top. Blend well to get it creamy and frothy…. I put 50ml fresh double cream in too….. Damn smooth n tastes heavenly. Don't fall for all this BS about purified coffee n brain octaine crud…

  3. Cannot agree having been doing ketosis since 2011. If you crave coffee, you're most likely missing the morning sun into the eye and onto the skin. Sunlight is the best hack for waking up is producing dopamine and serotonin with UV-A light. Get outside, you won't ever need coffee. A second hack is a lot of protein with an avocado for the VitC and potassium that's gonna be low from the previous night.

  4. I hear so many people say they can "feel" being in ketosis.. What exactly does that feel like? I have been doing this for 3 months and have only registered twice on my strips. I am beyond frustrated. I seem to play with the same 5 lbs. up and down and up and down. I feel like I am the only person on the planet that can't figure this eating diet out.. Any thoughts?

  5. I found coffee has a negative effect on me, so I switched to a smoothie.
    I have 300ml Almond milk, 1tbsp coconut oil and 1/2 an avocado, very filling and keeps me going until lunch.

    6 grams carbs
    29 grams fat
    2.6 grams protien

    The bonus of the avocado is you get allot of Potassium and sodium to start the day : )

  6. Soda and Starbucks have too much sugar and fat in their drinks.
    Food should not be bad for you…… processed food has too much fat, salt, sugar and additives in them making them unhealthy. People need to go to their favorite food processors website, click on the CONTACT link and send them an email asking them to reduce the amount of fat, salt, SUGAR and ADDITIVES in the foods they produce. Their common answer is that they are producing what the customers want. You have to let them know that consumers want healthier food choices with less salt, fat, SUGAR and ADDITIVES in them. It only takes a minute to send them an email, tweet, call or text. Food should not be bad for you. There is an obesity epidemic leading to increases in heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer.
    Do something — make a difference

  7. Troy, Troy, you seem like a smart guy so I am going to let you in on the latest Keto info. Do you know there is a safer, faster way to get the benefits of ketones without the negative effects of a high protien and dairy diet? Check out this link and scroll down a little to see the benefits of ketones working in your body in under 1 hr.

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