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If you’ve never done it before, it’s not a bad idea to know how to calculate your macros. In this video we cover macros for a ketogenic/ketosis (low carb high fat) eating approach, but this approach is the same for any diet type.


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  1. Hello. I'm 36, male, 5'11" that's been exercising for 7 months now 5-6 weekly and trying to lean down from my now 15-20% body fat to around 10%. I weigh 156.6 today. I would like to Bulk up afterwards but I do not want to loose muscle now. Is there a food list I can use to help make a meal plan bc I really can't find too much that simplifies this. I think my 1700 calories with 75%F, 20%P, and 5%C is a good start. What is your thoughts on this?

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