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26 Replies to “Keto Shredding Diet | Meal By Meal | Full Meal Plan”

  1. Ah the comment section, where everyone all of a sudden becomes an expert on the topic. To everyone saying it's too much protein to be a keto diet. He mentioned since the very beginning of the video that he wanted to keep his hard earned muscle so he's tweaking it to fit HIM. He's a bodybuilder who obviously pushes his body to the limit. Of course this wouldn't work if you're just plain fat. Even I know that and I'm not a nutritionist.

  2. man, you have the best fitness channel on youtube! You give so much information and help! like compared to the other channels you're not selfish at all! you know what you're doing and try to help others! keep up with the good work ! you have my support from belgium!!

  3. Probably a dukb question but If you dont like fatty meats like chicken drumsticks instead of breasts can I just use more coconut oil and use the breasts

  4. it's I've got my eggs cracked or in a bowl ready to go- just in case you really cared about how to properly express what you wanted to say. but we understood nonetheless.

  5. to be in ketosis you need to keep your protein on the lower end or your body turns it into glucose and that prevents your body from running on keytones. this is just a low carb diet

  6. If being shreded means i need to go through the stress of weighting my food and shit (the guy is weighting his butter for fuck sake!) then fuck being shreded , just eat healthy and workout , its not rocket science

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