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28 Replies to “Ketogenic Diet and Running!”

  1. I am a endurance guy, running, cycling,
    I lost stamina , endurance, and mental clarity on keto.
    I did keto for 6 months, no cheats,
    I got really cut though and got alot of compliments on my vascularity,

    I got off it because #1 I like my organic greens and lots of citrus fruit

    My endurance shot way up after I got off for about 3 weeks of loading on clean carbs

  2. Nice.. The only thing I canIs only one thing I would suggest on Keto because this happened to me. Make sure you get electrolytes because once I paid a full-court basketball game for three hours straight on a keto diet and I wanted to stick to my diet so I kept drinking water instead of Gatorade because back then they did not have Gatorade zero.. And what happened was that the more water I drank the more potassium I diluted and I almost felt like I was having a stroke because my potassium was extremely low. The only dangerous thing is if you lose electrolytes, which you can easily replenish nowadays with a smart water or maybe some sodium or salt.. I use power aid zero for that..

  3. there's more to this ketogenic diet than we think, i'm a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, since i'v gone keto my cravings to use drink/drugs have gone. cravings have stopped!!!! since i was 20 yr old I've tried counselling, rehab, AA and even prison to get off the shit, every time i got soba and clean I was always left managing my life with intense cravings. the keto diet has done more for me in a month than all those in the 12 years ive been trying to get clean. Carbohydrates are whats bad, you see addiction is looking for a external solution for an internal problem. Now look at how the cells in the body function on keto, they source from within not looking externally for food. to me this make so much sense to me,

  4. How do you get into Ketosis? Obviously not by dropping all carbs at once, and how will you know if you are in ketosis, once you are there? My carb level is 150 grams per day. I am 6'5" and 271. I'd like to be about 258. over the next few months.

  5. Keep in mind also,

    Mother nature has not been putting carbohydrates in Green plants for the last Billion or so years just for the Helluva it.
    Without chlorophyll life on this planet would cease to Exist

    That said, you share some of the best diet info to be found on youtube

  6. I'm on the Anabolic diet and I like it much better than Keto,
    For the simple reason that our protein intake is higher than that of people on Keto,
    Also I must have lots of fruits, vegetables, and nuts & seeds on Re-load day, also as you know I am manipulating my hormone levels by doing this

  7. when i think about keto and endurance exercise the first thing that comes to my mind – death. how do you recover? it takes carbs to recover properly unless you want to become a zombie or just a good level of fitness i suppose

  8. Ok so im convinced to try the keto diet so what do i do? do i cut carbs immediately or do i reduce carbs slowly is there a list of foods i can or cannot eat ? Need more info plz 

  9. When I sent my e-mail to Jerry the lead author's name was autocorrected into being wrong. It is Patrick M. Davitt. To see the Medscape synopsis you must have a logonid and password. To read the entire presentation you must have an ACSM logonid and password. So posting links is pointless.

    However you don't need them. The abstract is incredibly comprehensive as abstracts go and literally contains all the information you could possibly need.

    I tested it by putting it in Google and the very first selection returned was the correct one. If you are literate you will find that Jerry reported the research findings correctly.

    My own methods and results concerning the ketogenic diet are quite fascinating (I was ABD-Ph.D. in Epidemiology and I'm incredibly difficult to "fascinate"). I've definitely formed some positive opinions of it and after reading a comment here from a boxer there is a possibility it has more applications than I first thought. In any case read it for yourselves.

    While on the subject of comments, all you douche nozzles who say that running coaches are infallible and know every fucking thing…don't worry guys, the short yellow bus will have you all back at the group home by nightfall. Don't forget your tard helmets.

  10. I am a boxer, and ever since I have been on a Ketogenic diet/adaptation I have been performing much better in camp when we do tough rounds of sparring and during the fight…. So Jerry my friend, I am just another athlete you can use as an example that proves that Keto works for some people.. or high performance athletes

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