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  1. calories in and calories out is still a factor on the ketogenic diet despite what people are saying. There is no way you can lose weight if you are eating so many calories even with 80%/20% ratio. you will gain weight in fat.

  2. Good tip. Scales should be accompanied with circumference or fat caliper measurements along with tracking muscle strength. If measurements are going down and strength is going up or maintaining, muscle is being gained or retained and fat is being lost.

  3. My scale had crept upwards four pounds and I am much too vain to deviate. I'm a small size but that number should not being going up! I'm 69 and do not want to be fat and old too. I want to halt the scaled NOW. What say you? Thanks. ENJOY-CE a great day!

  4. I literally haven't gained or lost a pound in a month but my belly is 2 inches smaller and my arms and legs are way more muscular. Is it possible to gain 5 pounds of muscle in a month?

  5. The ketogenic diet will not work if you have a very low metabolism.

    Let's say you eat 100 g of protein/day. The 80/25/5 macro breakdown would require you to eat over 300 g of fat/day. The caloric intake would be absurdly high and you'll just end up gaining weight even if your carbs < 20 g/day.

    It's just another fad diet though trying to reach ketosis is probably a good approach.

  6. I am nearly 225.0 pounds 102.5 kilos, have tried all diets, I am T2 and insulin resistant, have been on LCHF for 2 1/2 months have only lost a kilo, but have lost an inch of my waist, I am now tweaking my dairy intake, thinking too much protein, am only eating 1100 calories a day. Because my appetite has shrunk, and I can't seem to eat as much.(starvation mode maybe) Good video, subscribed.

  7. yesss!! I'm on second week of keto and boyyyy did I need this video! I've been a little down when I hop on the scale in the morning and don't see a pound gone. Now… I feel a 100% better. Thanks for vid. From now on..Ill measure. :)

  8. Very informative and well said!! I'm 6'ft 170 and need to lose a few inches around my middle so I have to actually "lose weight" about (8 lbs) verses just how I feel..If I am taking in no more than 50 net carbs a day while maintaining protein and fat, what would be a round about number in calories not to exceed so I don't gain or maintain but actually lose..I'm thinking maybe 2000.. :-)

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