Steve Hertzler, PhD, and athlete Jason Wittrock sit down to answer your questions on ketogenic dieting.
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41 Replies to “Ketogenic Diet Explained | Expert Panel”

  1. Our bodies don't store fat for fuel to then turn around and burn muscle instead. Keto diet does NOT break down muscle. That's ridiculous. As long as you have fat on you to use as fuel your body knows to burn it over muscle. That's how we evolved to survive times without food. Otherwise cavemen would have been big balls of fat after going through all that feast and famine. They were very lean.

  2. As for results…I've heard a very streamlined explanation that diet achieves weight loss while exercise achieves fitness. Steve's blanket information about needing both excludes the mobility impaired who can have realistic goals of achieving weight loss. That's one thing I hate about diet trends, targeting a specific group of people.

  3. 70 % fat,, my gosh,,, your cholesterol and blood pressure will spike high, then you will get heart attack. Also, how come vegetarians who eat solely of fruits, nuts and vegetables which are all carbohydrates are not fat, actually they are skinny, so its not true that carbohydrates will make you fat.

  4. As someone who suffers from endometrosis and petite size, I easily gain weight and over the years have gained about 20lbs and was miserable. I cannot thank keto enough for the weight loss and health. I was on BCP for my endometrosis for over a year to control the painful periods and am proud to say I have come off it since april and have not yet had a painful period. I had amazing energy, could do resistance training and now my figure is at its peak because I have abs! I never had them even when I was thinner. I might have up fall in and out of keto now because I increased my protein intake to buld more lean muscle. I should also mentioned I had great lipid profile test results.For those who are  criticizing this lifestyle, have you tried it? I suggest you give it a go for a 3-6months and see the weight melt off.

  5. started keto diet this week. started taking wheatgrass yesterday. Having Rapid heartbeats. Woke up at 3am with Rapid heartbeats. Having them now, sitting up, or when lying down???? Help????

  6. why do we have to upset so much about calories and macros this and that if everybody just had a healthy approach to diet and portions and just ate healthy and fresh we wouldn't have all these stupid diets that keeps coming up

  7. this is just another Fad in dieting that's going to keep us occupied with numbers and counting and charts and so forth when all you have to do is just have a balanced lifestyle and a balanced diet something that makes sense is something that we don't have too upset about this keto crap is just so sad right now and everybody is jumping on it, 1530 years from now it's going to come out that all the people that ate all this fat ended up getting ill.

  8. The problem I have with this diet is not that I crave carbs at all, but that they are hard as hell to get away from, everything is loaded with them so getting down to 5% requires every meal be cooked from scratch and be made from carefully selected whole foods.

  9. Video was good, but kinda skipped over whether this diet is good for building lean muscle mass, I've basically plateaued at around 20% body fat, which I want to reduce to <10% – lifting more hasn't seemed to be help too much – but at the same time I don't want to lose muscle mas, so I've been considering a keto diet, anyone know if this is a good idea?

  10. What's your opinion between John rose, ketogenic diet and dr. Amen-ra programs ? Had anyone tried both raw and cooked with grains and no grains, high carbs or high fats and can tell me which is best from experience ? 
    Currently I eat 70℅ cook vegetables boil for less than 2 minutes. I do Raw veggie and fruit shakes as about 35℅ of the 70. 15% fats and about 10% carbs including some fruit. I do however still eat meat though. Around 10% of my diet

  11. Ketogenic Diet is so restrictive on what you can eat. That alone makes it a hard "diet" to stay on for a long period. I find intermittent fasting works really good for me and I can eat a lot more of what I enjoy on it.

  12. Slow fat with fiber (avocado, nuts, seeds), slow carbs with fiber (colorful whole veggies, fruits), and diverse but more modest protein. Brief high intensity and resistance exercises! Watch out for capillary blood platelet sludging and resultant oxygen and nutrient deprivation of cells. Health is Power!

  13. Ketogenic diet is treatment for epilepsy. If you don't have epilepsy, you don't need it as it's not healthy or smart at all. Using it to lose weight is stupid, and not healthy. Weight loss is one of it's listed side effects.

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