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29 Replies to “Ketogenic Diet | Full Day of Eating”

  1. All your electrolytes are very important and remember the inverse reaction – if you are depleting your sodium levels you can also cause increased levels of potassium through osmosis (hyerkalemia). Hyerkalemia can also be very dangerous because of it's direct affects on the heart. You can look up those symptoms.

  2. Hey I have a question. So is using the keto diet ok for athletes? I want to try this diet out but my coaches tell me that this would cause a lack of certain things such as explosiveness and muscle density. I really do want to change my body composition though because I am fat and want to tone down.

  3. See the problem with this is, no can actually do this sort of paleo diet unless thew are unemployed or work from home. Which is like .0002% of people. Most of us work 12-14 hours a day in a building where there is no stove. This is just not realistic for real people to cook 3 meals a day everyday which fresh ingredients. This only works if you are at home everyday. For people that have to actually work to pay the bills there is no possible way for this to happen. No factory or office worker is able to cook three meals a day. You just can't do it

  4. Hey Jason im on the Keto Learning something New daily this was awsome the way you make the meals are very good and easy what ppl want to see and do thanks I will continue to follow you

  5. this could make paleo style eating easier with cheese; creme cheese, mayo; sour cream… actually the 2 diets based on no carb,high fat.. only your way allows a bit more than paleo.. i like it and gonna try it :-)

  6. When to workout in keto diet??? I mean I workout in the evening after work in general,,, so what should be the pre workout meal and post workout meal and the time gap in those???

  7. Hey, nice videos. I have a question though. You say often that people on keto should eat A LOT of fat, which is true. But is there such thing as eating Too much fat? I eat once/twice a day, usually one big-ish meal with a lot of fat, and the second one is a small meal with, well, fat (surprise). I'm just wondering if i'm putting too much oils and butter to my food.

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