Welcome to episode #164 with Jong M. Rho, MD. We explore some of the latest research findings about how the ketogenic diet improves our health.

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————————————–Key Takeaways———————————-

The science supporting the health benefits of a low-carb, high-fat diet continues to get stronger.

From reduced inflammation to improved fat-burning mitochondrial function to a changed microbiome, the evidence is there.
Leading pediatric neurologist in the space, Jong Rho, MD, came by to discuss the details

His laboratory continues to publish new research about how ketogenic diets affect the brain.

Here’s what he covered:
-The ketogenic diet and epilepsy
-How ketones affect whole-body metabolism and inflammation
-Ketogenic diet applications for autism, brain cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and brain injury
-Dispelling myths about carbs and brain health

Hope you enjoy this one!



30 Replies to “Ketogenic Diet Health Benefits explained w/ Jong Rho, MD”

  1. Hi, I'm from Brazil and started keto diet about two months, as a runner I was searching for a diet that could not only give me a healthier life, but a help for improving my performance and, "voilà", I found your channel. Have to say that combining intermitent fasting and keto diet made me healthier, stronger and faster. Thank you, verry, very much, for sharing such a great information. Congratulations for you both. I'm sharing these valuable information with my partners. THANKS A LOT! Keep on doing such a great job!

  2. I have a question..RE: Autism. Dr Rho mentioned the different studies made on patients with autism that address core symptoms. Have they done research on both parents of each autistic child to see their genetic makeup that caused the autism? As he said it's been an epidemic for the last 15-20 years. It must be something different with the generations producing children of this nature?

  3. I'll be watching this video a number of times because there's so much excellent information here. Thanks for the references to the Charlie foundation and Matthew's friends. For those in Australia and New Zealand, I recommend the YouTube channel, Low Carb Down Under.

  4. Another great interview Mike. Shared it for the Dutch LowCarb community. I recently bought the book by Susan A. Masino Ketogenic diet an metabolic Therapiers where he was the editor on a major part of that book.

  5. Are they talking about fasting ? If not, my concern with ketogenic diets, is that it goes totally against the low calorie theory, as fats are the food with the highest level of calories, so if you eat a lot of fats and want to get all nutriments without raising your level of calories over the top, you'd need to ingest a large quantity of supplements for vitamins and minerals, which is often NOT a good thing for health…
    Any link to real ketogenic diets, with recipes, daily menus, etc ?

  6. after almost killing myself on ketogenic diet for 7 months, I have gone vegan, losing weight, sugar is low to normal, and HBP is under control. Keto put me in the hosptial for 3 days. Don't eat meat, fats and dairy, High carb is healing this diabetic.

  7. Looking at the comments(mainly the one started with A Gallagher), I had the same feeling like I just posted with Dr Perlmutter. Paleo works bc of how we trick our bodies into the efficient mode of burning fat instead of carb, a less efficient and wasteful mode of metabolic function. But age/gender/ethnicity/gut functions/genes make huge difference on our unique and intelligent system. Ppl hide behind the banner of Vegan/Paleo and ignore that our bodies are not religious temples, but unique, evolving rivers. And to diagnose a person through VID, like AG, is beyond Voodoo and put a shame on Chinese medicine. A good Chinese doctor, after decades of intensive training, has to see a patient in person, and the 4 famous analysis steps : See carefully, Listen incisively, Ask thoroughly and diagnoses after looking at pulse, tongue, stool and odors from patient. And then prescribe medicine and observe carefully for at least a few weeks for one particular patient. Facial symptoms are really a very rudimentary tool in one of the 4 steps, IN PERSON, where our Chi, energy-field existed. What a horrifying way to make such gross yet for-sure statement on a public platform! Thanks for the inspiring dialogue.

  8. Great interview and a lot of interesting content provided here. I've been on a ketogenic diet for just short of a year now and then multitude of health related benefits has been incredible. I won't bother commenting on them here as I've done that often on YouTube and elsewhere but I can't imagine ever going back to a carb-heavy diet.

    I basically follow the Wahl's protocol (eggs and heavy cream added), with about 6 cups of vegetables per day and either MCT oil or Brain Octane to help boost ketone levels a bit more. Super easy to follow with a few "fat bombs" on hand for what has now become the relatively rare occasion where I feel the need to eat something sweet (flavoured with Stevia).

  9. Great content. I'm 11 weeks into keto and finally sustaining 3-4 mmol and really starting to see all and feel the benefits. This channel is one of the main ones I've used as a research tool for keto. Thanks for bringing the information to light. Also great job taking the breaks to explain to the non medical listeners. Much appreciated.

  10. Fascinating!!! I've been keto for about two months now. I started off weak, and learned to keep to known dietary patterns that I can sustain for now without changing what my family eats. The problem is that I don't enjoy variety. So my family is beginning to find what I am experiencing as interesting and partially palatable. Hmm. When a flock of birds is together on a lake or field and one or two birds take off suddenly, it appears to be the catalyst and sole reason for more and more to just jump and run too. Unfortunately I want each family member to maintain a purpose for sudden flight from their kingdom or mindset. This is hard and an inflamed mind is easily lost. Reminders and one-point locations for refueling the reasons are useful. Whiteboards with a few notes, usual foods in same locations at same quantities. These can work to help family remain on anti-inflammatory point. Teaching only works when all are in flight together. Anyway, keto dieting has been very odd for my family to watch and they are intrigued by results without understanding much about how it's done or works.

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