How long does it take for your to get into ketosis!

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  1. Hey Stephanie, I would really appreciate your answer on this.
    So, i don't drink coffee, and i really don't like it with my tee, so i started to cook soup and i make "bulletproof soup" each morning and i drink it.
    I wonder what happens with the carbs from vegetables when you cook them, because the receipt goes like this:

    I put 2-3 carrots, 1-2 parsley root, 1 parsnip and 1 kg of really fatty beef with 4-5 liters of water, and i cook it for about 4-5 hours, than i take out carrots and all roots and throw them away, and leave meat one one side and i strain soup and leave it in fridge. And then each morning i take one glass of soup, microwave it so it becomes hot end delicious again, and i mix it with 2 tbsp butter, and 1 tbsp coconut oil, and blend it with blender, or mix with mixer :D.

    My question is does carbs from vegetables go in water when you cook them, or they stay in vegetables?
    And can i do this on keto?

    Thank you! Peace

  2. Stephanie can you please address restless leg syndrome, mine immediately went away starting keto but I'm having it come back and i feel in my gut it's related to either insulin or a particular food…… it's diet related, please address this……

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