Ketogenic Diet
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The Ketogenic diet made simple
Basically, Keto is a diet that deliberately encourages a metabolic state known as ketosis by removing dietary carbohydrates and liver-glycogen. This diet reduces your appetite and satisfies completely, which is great and a no brainer for weight-loss. Keto is basically a fat-loss diet on autopilot and when your body is depleted of carbs and glycogen, your body then looks for a different source of energy, which is fat.
Ketogenic Diet – I lost 80lbs in 4-5 months – Ketosis


43 Replies to “Ketogenic Diet – I lost 80lbs in 4 months – Ketosis”

  1. Hey man your story is so amazing and motivational. I have been on Keto for two weeks now and will start my gym routine in January in preparation for my holiday in May, that gives me 4 months just like you, I hope I can do half as good as you. Much respect!

  2. Thanks for this wonderful video my 18 year old son is also on a journey to lose weight, he's 350 lbs and this video brought tears to my eyes because I have been there, I used to weight 388 and now I'm 240 but at one time 4 years ago I came down to 180 and I need to get back to 189 again,, I know hiw difficult and depressed one feels when your overwhelmed by your weight and how people see you and how hard it is to lose weight … Thanks and yourNOT and underachieving man anymore…..thanks for this great video

  3. bro, your testimony is amazing but this music got me felling like I'm watching Schindlers list.
    your success is something to be happy about, lol

    but for real,this is a beautiful piece of music.

  4. You are not an under-achiever. You rock. Stay proud of yourself, losing weight is one of the hardest things to do and gets harder as you get older (at least it did for me). Thank you so much for this inspirational video.

  5. Wow amazing! Congrats on your achievement! It definitely inspires me even more to continue this different life style of eating. And you're right! It is the natural way of losing weight and getting in shape! This doesn't only apply for those that are over weight but for those that are skinny fat. Great job and I hope that you keep on with this healthy life style!

  6. I am 3 weeks into a ketogenic diet and feel great. I understand that it can be difficult in the beginning. But I am very lucky. No adjustment period and no cravings at all. Within 3 days I had a surge of energy and slept the best in years. Do not be afraid to try a high fat medium protein low carb lifestyle.

  7. Very inspirational video, full of emotions and motivating at the same time. I recently started on this ketogenic diet, and so far its going really good, I dont feel tired, I dont feel hungry and I stay positive which is very important.
    I will finally be able to achieve the body that I need in order to keep going forward, thanks for the video.

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