Take control of your health and fitness now. Today’s video is about ketosis and ketogenic diets. I discuss what it is, how you get to a ketogenic state, and what the health benefits include.



23 Replies to “Ketogenic Diet: Is it Good?”

  1. Chris, I've been in Ketosis now for over 4 months. However, i have been told that it takes about 6 months before your body starts to become totally "fat" adapted? In addition to this i am doing Real Fasting every day until 1:00 pm. And In addition to this i do pull ups and push-ups and walk 5 miles every day. My concern is that i have only lost 5 ibs? Don't know what i am doing wrong? Thanks for another great video!

  2. i tried the keto diet for 3 months straight ……… yes it works guys , i started having results after the first months where i lost all my water weight at first than started burning fat fast , i dropped from 70 kg to 58 kg in 3 months , i would say though it isnt optimal if youre trying to add mass and that is actually what got me off that diet , because 70 kg is where i want to be however i just needed to lose that fat , now im trying to gain back that mass except this time with muscle than fat , if youre a girl trying to lose fat then this diet is for you if you have the will power to go all the way and stick to it , if youre a fat guy trying to lose weight then it is also for you however if youre a skinny guy trying to add mass then i would not advice this diet for you

  3. Hey Chris,
    I've been following a ketogenic diet for around a week now and have dropped from 180 pounds at 17% body fat to a leaner 173 pounds and probably 14% body fat. I never get carb cravings considering the amount of good fats and protein I get. My top picks are 4% milk fat cottage cheese, buttery eggs with too much mozzarella cheese, and salad with a nice turkey or bacon. Please respond, I appreciate your feedback CK.-Dave

  4. This actually works! After reading about this somewhere, I tried it a year ago right after my wisdom teeth surgery when I was weighting 82 kg (about 180 lb). I just ate proteins and veggies for a week and lost about 3 to 4 kilograms (7-8 pounds). Since then I've been doing this whenever I can plus continous workouts, and at the moment I am weighting 75 kg (165 pounds) and heighting 174 cm tall (5'8"). I used to fit in 36's pants and Large or XLarge shirts. Now I am using 32's and Medium shirts with no problem! I still have some fat stored in my belly and chest, but I have hope to lose all of that sooner or later. Just don't quit. Btw, thank you so much Chris K. for being one of my initial inspirations before I started my weightloss journey a year and a half ago! :)

  5. Hi Chris: I've read that low glycogen in muscles isn't optimal for competitive distances of 5k and under. And that's been a little bit of my personal experience too. Last year when I started doing more of a ketogenic diet, I got lean, I felt great and saw no drop-off in performance when I raced longer distances (10k plus) but for 5k and under, I always had my best races when I consumed some complex carbs in the days leading up to my 5000m, 3000m or 1600m races. Thoughts?

  6. do you know if American grit will be available on Hulu (the next day of course)?
    then for more random question, watched your old but epic skinny to terminator video and in that black& white pic you had a lat vein popping out, was wondering how you achieved that, and do you still have those? a lot of body builders don't even have those that I've seen :P

  7. I'm a big fan Chris, thanks for all the cool sensible advice you share in your videos. Should you mention ketoacidosis, and risks for certain populations like diabetics? Also wanted to mention that Scott Jurek eats carbs like hummus! Of course he burns everything he puts in the tank:)

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