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31 Replies to “Ketogenic Diet | Keto Flu”

  1. Im studying in ukraine and i couldnt find chicken broth from anywhere. Me and my gym buddy tried finding it and believe me we looked everywhere.
    So my question is, what alternative can i use? In my head, water mixed with like maybe 5 grams of table salt or himalayan salt would work. Would that be sufficient?

  2. hello jason .. i experienced the keto diet before it was great im in the 6th Y of med school so i know perfectly whats going on with hormonal status or biochemical actions in the body but i hate the feeling like my muscle stretch like it deosnt has sufficient water on it and im feeling like im loosing my gains but i knew that im not when i give my ody a 2 carb days nd my size was pumped double imediatly ! it was electrolites imbalnce or ? and another thng hiw good its to eat at keto style for gaining muscle ?

  3. Im 7 days in and I feel the worst effects of the Keto flu today. It's come, then it's gone slightly, and now it's back with a vengeance. I feel hot like I have a fever. And I am OH SO TIRED. I think I'm going to try the chicken broth and other things to focus on getting those electrolytes during week 2. I need a turning point.

  4. Jason I am subscriber and now loving your channel. Can you still engage in resistance training if you get the keto flu? Also how do you feel about intermittent fasting with keto diet. ?

  5. Jason,

    I've recently started Keto and am having difficulty sleeping at night, I can lay in bed until 4 or 5 in the morning and then feel terrible the next day. I guess some people call it Keto Insomnia. What do you recommend to correct this? Thanks.

  6. Hi jason. I have a problem, 20 % mean 80 grammes of protein for me, but I need around 120 130 gr of protein to maintain my muscle mass. How can you hit your protein need with only 20 % ?

  7. I've been on Keto for a few years now, and I notice that it is almost impossible to get out of it by consuming a lot of protein. The conversion of protein to glucose is very inefficient, and you would have to over consume on calories before you notice that protein took you out of ketosis. Point being, at least the way I see it, having low carbs seems to be the trick for fat loss and staying in ketosis; not the percentage of macro nutrients.

  8. Before I started the keto plan I was on a hardcore brown rice, veggies and fruit diet for the last 18 months and would allow myself some meat occasionally. My goal was just to have more energy and health, I did not need to lose weight but wanted to stop the after lunch and dinner crashes that I was experiencing. Keto is working good so far and I am in Ketosis but I suffered from the Keto flu pretty hardcore since I was eating 90% carbs and fruit all the time before I started the keto diet so I had a big withdrawal from all the sugar. The thing I noticed and that I do not see discussed much was that my blood sugar plummeted while in the keto flu state. Got down to 58 and lower a couple of times and it sucked. I found that a Can of pure coconut water helped and did not knock me out of ketosis plus it is a great source of electrolytes. I just wanted to add my 2 cents and tell people to check your blood sugar several times a day. I can keep mine up around 100 now and it has been so much easier since I started really monitoring my blood sugar more regularly. A handful of Blueberries will help raise your blood sugar without a great risk of going out of ketosis. I also use Keto sticks to make sure my ketones are staying up in the ketosis range while I am keeping my blood sugar in check. Great info in these videos, I am skinny so I had to find some info that did not deal just with weight loss all the time, I find it frustrating that most Ketogenic diets are all about big weight loss. Its hard to find info on how to keep weight on while maintaining energy and health. Keep putting out the great videos Jason.

  9. Jason i started the keto diet and I'm in ketosis. the thing I'm into bodybuilding/fitness and my muscles are flat. what should i do to avoid this issue? thanks brother, your diet plan rocks! keep making people happy!

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