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46 Replies to “Ketogenic Diet | Keto Snacks”

  1. Jason you saved my life. I thank you so much. Was on pinterest for diets I don't have to starve doing and got the Keto. I then YouTubed it and got you…followed your meals (No red meat so sub for turkey or chicken) and let's just say day six, lots of energy 5lbs down and loving it. Thank you so much for sharing everything you do. It really helps and motivate people like me. THANKS!

  2. A dab of Kerry Gold on raw pecan halves makes a great, tasty, high fat snack. Adding fat without carbs or protein to improve the macro ratio. And I add to pork rinds a smear of the President brand creamy spreadable brie, also to up the fat portion.

  3. I like to put cream cheese on a slice of lunch meat and roll it up with green onions. Also whole sunflower seeds with the shell, you crack the shell with your teeth and spit it out. I eat them all the time while driving.

  4. Hey Jason thanks for videos and sharing your knowledge. A snack I like to use that taste really good and high in fat is a turkey roll .. So I grab a slice turkey , I put Swiss cheese on top then I put a avocado slice on top of that.. I roll it altogether like enchilada.. I grab a pan put some olive oil and place my turkey rolls in the pan. I let cheese melt a lil and wait till turkey turns lil crispy. Perfect snack for on the go

  5. hey great work man! I was wondering if you could do a video how to look your best for a photoshoot day! I still got around 10kg to loose to get shredded and want to get some pics of myself looking my best. Would be great! Thanks

  6. Great info! I love Duke's but they're a bit pricey. Question for you on the pork rinds, and let me preface this with acknowledging that I fully support the non thermodynamic approach to calorie management, however, do you find they are indeed a bit calorically dense? I'm lucky to hit 1,500-1,800 calories a day. I'm 5'11 – 180 and probably 18%-20% bf. I find if I eat more than that range I tend to pack on the weight quickly. Do you tack calories at all or do you stick with the 75/30/5 macros and that's it?

  7. If you want to have snacks to avoid boredom while watching a movie etc., you should try Supari. It's sweet indian spices ( so no carbs ) and tastes delicious.
    Or if you are into sweets, you might want to eat dark chocolate. I melt a few bits and mix it with cottage cheese and a few berries. Or mix nuts with vanilla powder and butter, throw it in the freezer and do some dark chocolate around it. It's some sort of Snickers light. It is not zero carbs, but heating some carbs sometimes outweighs the negativity of apetite for sugar.

  8. hi, i have a question regarding pumpkin and butternut squash as they are in season these days and i love them and since i have just started my keto diet today, are they considered safe to eat or not and how much can i eat of them? would appreciate and answer from you Jason

  9. hi Jason I've just started the keto diet, I've planned out my food for 2 days and both days my protein is about 130g but it's still my 5%, is 130g too much protein and will I not enter ketosis, thanks

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