As my wife prepares to join me on the ketogenic lifestyle, its time to restock. I take you along as I show her some of my top High Fat, Low Carb foods.


26 Replies to “Ketogenic Diet Low Carb FOOD Haul”

  1. I loved Keto when I tried several years ago. But it was paleo/real food keto. I made my own dressings, ate only organic pastured cheese and butter and tried to stick to grass-fed beef. Plus backyard eggs.

  2. all that shit had to come to about $400 jeez NO WAY! and 90% of what you bought was meat are you sure you're on the Atkins diet? all that stuff is super hi in salt.wait I'm confused I thought people who are on the Atkins diet are only suppose to eat fish skinless chicken CERTAIN types of veggies such asparagus broccoli eggs cheese tuna salad water diet soda or zero calorie drink mix shrimp AND NO bread NO cereal NO rice NO beans NO crackers NO oatmeal NO fruit NO high in fat grease or sodium FOODS period! that's what I was told by someone who lost over 100lbs on the Atkins diet what. I have been eating exactly to the T how I just described and lost 20lbs in 2 months and 4 days. so could I be doing something differently to loose more weight? what am I doing wrong?

  3. I wish you would look at the ingredients. A lot of these have sugar in the ingredients along with potentially hidden MSG. For some this could cause insulin spikes and/or make it harder for adaptation.

  4. Wonderful results! I can’t say enough about how fantastic the “loli special plan” is. If you are not familiar with it, search for it on Google. You’ll be surprised by what you find out.

  5. Only animals who are NOT grass-fed have fat in their muscle tissus. If animals have high rate of fat, it's because they are fed with junk food. Have you ever try to cook and eat wild animal ? You have to cook it very long, else the flesh is to hard (because there's no fat in their muscle). Think of it…

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