I’ve been on the ketogenic diet for 4 years at the age of 46 body. Learn about the health benefits of ketosis and how to get into it

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41 Replies to “KETOGENIC DIET: Most asked questions & answers by Stephanie Person”

  1. I've been in keto for 2 months.  I started at 233lbs and I'm down 23 lbs as of this I morning.  I'm way more steady and feel better than I used to.  Stress is easier to manage too.

    I am however having alcohol occasionally (spirits so no sugar), however I don't do that often because I don't lose weight while it's in my body.

    You're totally right about not cheating though, and actually, it's easier that way.  I have cheated however.  It was my friends wedding and I didn't prepare food for myself for when we were setting up, so all there was to eat was pizza and I had been going for 16 hours.  That threw me out of ketosis and I gained 10 lbs of water weight in a couple of days, so that stunted my progress for 2 weeks.  Don't want to do that again.

    Thanks for the video.

  2. Im confused, what happens with calories? if over doing it in carbs cause fat, what does over doing it in calories do? If you burn fat for energy, then what happens with the calories?

  3. ketogenic diet predisposes one to electrolyte imbalances and cardiac arrhythmias that could lead to sudden cardiac death. High-protein, low-carbohydrate diets are associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease and premature death. Animal protein also elevates IGF-1, which is associated with increased risk of several cancers, especially breast cancer as well as cardiovascular disease.

  4. Thanks for all the information you're putting out. Question, all jokes aside, after 4 years of doing this, how's your monthly period? Is it normal? Thanks in advance for your reply and keep up all the good work!

  5. if it takes that long why does carb cycling work so well?
    also if we cant have stress in our lives and be in ketosis acording to you. Who in this world would it actually work for?

  6. Steph…thanks for your story…I am a nurse and just started keto 3 1/2 weeks ago…already feeling pretty energetic…and lost 11 lbs.  no exercise.  My daughter who is a physician recommended it to me for my insulin resistance.  I have been trying to digest everything I can about this lifestyle diet.

  7. The one thing I'll elaborate on is the cheat day. As long as you're deep into induction (2-3 weeks) you can have a cheat day, or to keep it kosher, a carboload, and not be kicked out of keto sis too hard. I read that it's highly recommended however, to do a strenuous workout routine before your cheat day. My source is research and experience 

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