1. So stoked you're doing a book! I love your video's, your information, and your energy. Please update where to purchase your book! By the way, I am one of those don't like avocado people but, I'm totally sucking it up!

  2. I've been watching your channel for quite a while and I felt inspired by your story. i decided to start on a long term keto diet, modeling my nutrition and workouts after your videos. I did blood ketone measurements to ensure i was in ketosis. for the first few months, I felt great. After 3 months, i did not feel like making any progress. Overtime, i felt progressively worse. Going through doctors, I found that my thyroid and adrogenic hormones production was suppressed to levels below lower threshold. My reverse T3 vs free T3 ratio was way off. Had severe digestion issues and stomach pain, loss of libido and overall energy. My body temperature was 3 degrees below normal. I felt miserable. Had to jump on hormone replaement therapy and start on thyroid hormone to get back to normal. I did quite a bit of analysis of what happened and i feel it was my new fancy diet that crashed my thyroid, which caused the digestion and stomach issues, which also killed my energy. The reason I'm sharing this? Keto works great for stephanie and I'm happy for her. For me, it was a disaster. Introducing carbs back to my diet (and that's mostly complex carbs, fruits, and vegetables) made a very positive impact on my health. my reverse T3 to T3 thyroid hormone ratio is back to normal and I'm slowly working my way getting off thyroid hormone. Maybe it's a male vs female thing. Maybe it's genetic. in retrospect, i should not have done keto longer than couple months. This was a very bad decision for me.

  3. Steph, have you done a vid more specifically on the differences between LDL, IDL, VLDL… LDL particle size and apoB and E and all that side of things? or are you going to?

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