Great ketogenic snacks as meal replacements!
jimmy Moore interview w/ stephanie:
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21 Replies to “KETOGENIC DIET SNACKS: What snacks are approved & not approved.”

  1. Pork rinds in an 8 hour day? How many calories do you eat in a typical day? Do you always minus your fiber from any carb? Almonds are healthy in moderation ( magnesium, calcium, ect ). Are you finding your reaching your vitamin requirements daily on Keto? If not how many nutrient pills do you take?

  2. Stephanie I really like avocado but there is and average of 15 grams of carbs in an avocado. So is this just a macro counting issue? Also what about cheese? You mention you didnt bring up cheese. I would like your opinion.

  3. Stephanie- my girlfriend found Chicken skins at a Filipino grocery store and they are crazy delicious. Not sure if you've seen or tried them- way better than Pork skins. Also was surprised that coconut butter didn't make the list! I used to carry a jar of Nutiva with me (before I started a caloric deficit) and now they also sell coconut butter in single serve packets.

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