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I am not a doctor nor do I play on on the internet! This video is for information purposes and is not professional medical advice. Ketogenic diets may not be safe for everyone, especially type 1 diabetics so consult with your doctor before attempting any new diet and lifestyle changes.


16 Replies to “Ketogenic Diet: Weight loss is not from exercise!”

  1. What a breath of fresh air! Ive been struggling working out on the treadmill for up to 1-2 hours a day to lose weight while starving myself. Your video gives me hope. Thank you!

  2. I most definitely agree as far as exercise not being the key to weigh-loss as I lost 25 pounds in one month with zero dedication to putting myself through a strenuous workout however staying physically active should be implemented for overall cardiovascular health. We can't just focus on weight maintenance but overall health. Great video, very well said.

  3. I also used to think that it was all about exercise. Then, I read a quote about how the diet controls 95% of our day, and the 45 min exercise about 5%. It clicked. I am now keto most of the time, but I do freeletics to boost muscle and stamina. Transforming, finally. The U.S. FDA is so evil….

  4. Just seen Ketogenic dieting from Dr Ozz so decided to see more bout it. Dont know if anyone said about Thyroid in the comments but if anyone has a weak Thyroid can be because their over or under weight if anyone does make sure check with your doctor. I use to have overactive for about two years but still take meads for it for some reason

  5. If I could only choose two health myths, of the myriad of dietary myths, that I wish everyone in the world knew were FALSE it would be:

    1) Dietary fat, particular saturated, is bad for you
    2) Exercise is a significant contributor to weight loss

    These two myths have done nothing but make people hungry, tired, frustrated, and, not to mention with the latter, has lead to overuse injuries. With respect to myth #2, thank you for reiterating what many people who HONESTLY research exercise know, and that is that exercise ,while having many health benefits, is NOT a significant contributor to weight loss. Unfortunately, there is a multi-billion dollar industry, when you account for the gyms, personal trainers, exercise equipment manufacturers, exercise video producers, exercise book authors etc that have a vested interest in perpetuating this myth that exercise can help undo dietary indiscretions. Its really sad how many people take exercise, which should be applied to overall wellness, and turn it into this sadistic ritual that they use to somehow magically roll back the effects of that slice of cake they had at dinner last night. With more people like you exposing this lie that has brought so much misery to so many people, eventually more and more people will become wise to this nonsense. Thank you.

  6. This is very true! Everyone I talk to thinks that they can eat what they want and exercise and lose weight, but it's actually your diet that plays the main role! I just take a 30 minute walk everyday on the ketogenic diet and I've lost 20 lbs in one month.

  7. I have a question. I love going on long, normal paced walks/ hikes for hours is that safe on low carb diet? I have been low carb for a month and lost 17 pounds I'm ready to get out and walk again. is hiking a good idea?

  8. quick question about ketosis. i recently ordered keto chow (recomended by a friend) and i was going to replace a majority of my meals with these shakes. do you have any thoughts on this type of diet? (ie would you recomend i mix in actual food once in a while etc)

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