I’ve received many requests to talk about how I formulate my keto meals in a day. Here’s a bit of insight into my macros and meals! For precise details on my daily meals and macros see my Meal Plans which duplicate the way that I eat every day: Meal Plans & Coaching: http://ketogenicgirl.com/?page_id=45

Here is a link to the keto boosting products that I use! http://ketogenicgirl.com/?page_id=969

To turn your body into a highly adapted fat burning machine with a Ketogenic diet, you will need to increase your consumption of healthy fats in order to lower your sugar intake.

Meal Plans & Coaching: http://ketogenicgirl.com/?page_id=45
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I am not a doctor nor do I play on on the internet! This video is for information purposes and is not professional medical advice. Ketogenic diets may not be safe for everyone, especially type 1 diabetics so consult with your doctor before attempting any new diet and lifestyle changes.


39 Replies to “Ketogenic Diet: What I Eat Everyday”

  1. I have adrenal fatigue anddd first time i went on the ketogenic diet I lost 90 pounds fell off the keto diet track and guess whatt gain 30 of those pounds back . time to get back on track

  2. Damn, I'm sensitive to carbs as well. Sucks, huh! We're all metabolically damaged. 🙁 I wonder how long it takes to recover. I also enjoyed sweets and among many other sugary foods in the past.. things are different now. Wish I never went overboard on candy and had seconds, thirds on high glycemic foods.

  3. @KetogenicGirl I have been on the low carb high fat lifestyle for about two weeks now. I can't seem to manage to get my carbs 20 or below. I'm always in between 38-47 carbs a day. is this to much to be in ketosis? i was reading through some of the comments and I still feel hungry even after eating lots of fat and still anticipate my next meal. I'm keeping protein moderate and fat high. I go by 80/15/5 (try to carbs are hard) can you help me? I log everything on MFP. maybe you could take a look at my logs and tell me what I'm doing wrong! thank you and god bless!

  4. any hope for someone (me) who has been high carb low fat plant based eater with great sports performance gains initially but now starting to struggle with alot of what you discussed (uncanny and disturbing how similar) and wants to go ketosis keeping plant based due to ethical beliefs etc? just found your channel, looks great and you seem so happy and well. will start ploughing through your videos for.some inspiration :)

  5. Because i eat every 4-5 hours i feel better then eating every 2 hours. And the insuline spikes were crazy with carbs. I would also think of food to often. Now because of the fats its better and no distractions anymore. Like you said more focus.

  6. hello! I weight about 175, it's my third day of low carb diet, for breakfast, I eat 3eggs with bacon or sometimes, spinach and tomatoes. Lunch, I eat grill chicken with salad or Some kind of meat with broccoli or coli flower. Dinner, I eat meat with avocado. I cook my food with coconut oil… Am I doing it righ????

  7. If you're eating grass fed beef then the fat on it is no big deal. If you're eating grain fed then the fat in the animal has a higher concentration of omega-6 which is pretty bad. It would be best to buy lean and add your fat as you cook it or after. e.g. olive oil, butter, avocado, high fat nuts…

  8. Just found your channel Iike your style.. I have been doing Paleo for about 7 months and have lost about 30 lbs. I have just start switching to a more Keto diet but seem to be lacking in my fats.. I just don't know how to add them in.. I eat fatty meats and fish.. cooked in butter or coconut oil.. I eat at least 2 eggs everyday.. I have greens with dinner and salad greens with lunch several times a week using Mayo for dressing.. I just started with MCT oil adding it to my water..I do not do coffee or tea.. If you are eating 80% of your diet in fats are you counting some of the fats in the protein you eat.  Sorry for the rant.. I am just trying to wrap my head around this whole fat issue.

  9. This diet is extremely dangerous in the long-term. Losing weight doesnt mean youre healthy. High-carb whole foods diet full of starches, vegetables and fruits is the way to go, you'll lose weight, be healthy, low-risk of degenerative disease, save animals, and the planet!

  10. OMG I can relate so much – right now, I'm just a sugar addict; and consuming WAY too much carbs. I am just so sick of it now, and I hope I can stick to this ketogenic diet, and live healthy. You're so inspiring. :)))

  11. Hi how are you? I'm 31 years old, weigh 200 pounds, I'm 6 feet 1 inches tall.ive been trying to loose weight due to my heart condition. I've been looking at YouTube videos as well as reading on forums. I really liked your video. It was very helpful. I'm definitely going to try keyto. I also wanted to say that you are beyond gorgeous, you have such a beautiful smile, and you seem like a pure sweetheart ☺️☺️☺️

  12. Hi, I am new to the keto diet. I have been working over a year reducing carb and sugar content out of my diet. I just recently eliminated sugar/grains completely and managed to get to around 20 carbs day. I went through a pretty rough couple days, thank you bacon for getting through that lol. The thing is now I don't feel hungry at all, I think what I mistook for hunger before was my craving to feed my addiction to carbs and sugar. I have lost over 10 pounds in the last two weeks but I worry I may not be getting enough daily calorie intake. Should I force myself to eat when I do not feel hungry? I am still eating every day just not very much, at least compared to what I used to eat.

  13. I'm using the keto diet for healing purposes. Right now, I have IBS, leaky gut, psoriasis, hyperthyroidism, small depression, bad skin, and many more. I plan on doing the keto diet for about a year to heal my body, I might have to go a bit longer if I'm not completely healed. Then after, I plan on adopting a keto/vegan diet, its called a pagan diet I think. I don't think I can sustain a Keto diet forever. Every 2 years, I plan on doing 3-6 months of keto, to refurbish my body.

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