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26 Replies to “Ketogenic Diet | Workout & Exercise”

  1. I am on keto diet and working out everyday.. its only my 1st week but in doing good.. but sometimes I'm confused because fitnesspal would tell me I didn't eat enough food but I'm not hungry and that's the point!! I don't lose weight even though I do crosstrainer and treadmill and weights and all. Ugh

  2. +Jason wiitrock, amazin stuff, im showing your videos to all my friends! some questions:

     if my goal is fat loss. now im about ~11% Bodyfat, im on ketosis, my glycogen stores depleted, should i still perform HIIT training? or steady state cardio have place better when you are already depleted?

     How much % calories deficit you are offering when goal fat los on keto? How much time is optimal to be on caloric deficit for fat los on keto to not hit plateu of fat losing?

  3. Question: If you are getting the majority of your calories from fat – then why would your body burn body fat stores? Wouldn't that fat be used as an energy source?

    Wouldn't it make more more sense to reduce carb and fat intake?

  4. When I started 40 days ago, I also began at fitbody bootcamp. HIIT program. And you are correct, the reuslts are effin sick! Ill post pics at 60day. Thanks for all you do!

  5. This is what i needed. Once again you come up with great videos. Can i ask you, is too much Magnesium ok? I found some orange flavoured tablets that contain 200mg of Magnesium per tablet that you put them in water, can i take 3 per day, as i enjoy them as a drink. Thanks again for your help and for your KetoCycle.

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