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Alcohol and ketosis – how will drinking affect ketosis? Will drinking occasionally on a ketogenic diet stall progress or adaptation? My thoughts on drinking and the ketogenic diet.



  1. Great vid …thank you and good for you for warning peeps about all of this stuff! …i can definitely tell alcohol affects me way more doing Keto!…I love Keto …my son told me about it and both my parents had Alz so i intend on living Keto the rest of my life.L like your channel .

  2. Was hoping for info on the relative merits as to damage to ketosis of different types of alcohol and suggestions on drinks (i.e., soda water as a mixer, etc.) . Already obvious that wine and beer (my lovely, lovely beer) are out.  The WHY you have occasion to sometimes have a drink, social obligations, or whatever, are immaterial to the information I was hoping to get.

  3. Tristan, so drunken festivals are out, pretty obvious. aside from that, what about one small glass of dry wine or one measure of single malt whiskey daily with one's meal? would that be beneficial to ketogenic intermittent fasting or would it prove a hindrance? I value your presentations

  4. Hey Tristan, I love your video content and lifestyle choices. I'm very new to this keto diet..

    Question: You talk about net carbs in a few of your videos, meaning carbs minus fiber content. I use MyFitnessPal and a typical banana has 29g carbs, 4g of fiber. Does this really mean that I'm consuming more carbs in one banana than you suggest for a whole days worth of keto nutrition? How can I lower the carb intake while still enjoying fruit/veggies?

    For lunch, I ate a stewed chicken breast and quinoa, with black beans, corn with a side of grean beans and roasted red potatoes. Are the potatoes hindering my pursuit of ketosis?

  5. I got hammered on tequila last night. I thought for sure it would have knocked me out of ketosis. I checked my level the next day and I was at 1.8. Couldn't believe it. I think it might induce keytone production. Not sure why

  6. A couple of observations: 2 hours of drinking dry white wine Chardonnay, my ketones dropped from 1.7 to 0.5 and BS went from about 4.5 to 6. I do notice I don't get munchies nearly as much when I drink now (reasonably keto adapted) compared to previously. Higher sugar drinks would likely change that. My sensitivity to alcohol hasn't increased as far as I can tell. I have pretty high tolerance naturally though. Haven't noticed worse hangovers, but BS is higher and ketones lower than usual the morning after.

  7. at 4:20 when you talk about how alcohol must be utilized or removed before both fat and sugar. i completely agree with you about what this really says: that ketones are the healthiest fuel source because our mitochondria want to get rid of the most toxic fuel first so that the damage is less severe, and the first thing to be burned is alcohol before sugar, then ketones. this really says a lot about how efficient our bodies function and proves that just because something is burned or used for fuel before a different fuel source, that it is actually worse for your metabolism, than the other fuel source. i.e. sugar and fat. whats also interesting is that as you go from the worst fuel to the highest fuel source, the amount of atp increases from worst to best fuel sources. alcohol: 2 atp, sugar:36 atp, palmitic body fat: (ketones) 129. 129! thats a crazy increase. so with the healthier fuels come a higher amount of atp and that means a higher amount of electrons. so its really all about having highly charged mitochondria with tons of electrons going across the transport chain so that in turn we can transduce light and all other sources of energy into usable electrons because it requires electrons to harvest electrons and we dont want to leak out electrons, we want to use them. rant: electrons from animal fat with high quality fatty acids along with electrons from fatty oily cold ocean seafood are so beneficial to longevity and were likely the main fuel source (along with darkness, DHA and water) for our western european ancestors for a long enough time to adapt and change our skin from black to white due to the long winters full of sleeping in darkness. the reason we slept so long in the winters before electricity was invented and when we werent getting enough cold water DHA, is that darkness creates hormone melatonin and theres a max of around 15 hours of darkness in western europe's winter's… thats a lot of sleep. and the kicker is the DHA which is added electrons so that we can completely recharge when we are sleeping. you can see the importance of connecting to your tree of life.(specifically the sun or lack of, DHA and water,) because these things make a battery for our mitochondria to store a charge that differs within the seasons. your environment was here before you were so your evolution came after it, which means that it gave you what you needed to survive and evolve so we must connect to it to live optimally because we are who we were and we were connected before man disconnected and began losing electrons. we are losing electrons to parasitic drains such as blue light, wifi, heat, over consumption of carbs and any source of energy that we cant turn into electrons is leaked out of our mitochondria and resulting in a reduced charge. just like the battery in your car. and what powers the battery in your car? water and electrons. just like our batteries (mitochondria). what happens when your car battery has a reduced charge from a parasitic drain? it doesnt work right and dies. same thing that happens to us. we get fat, cancer, diabetes, inflammation, sleep problems and literally every single disease and cancer ever possible. because all diseases and cancers are related to mitochondria because all diseases and cancers are metabolic

  8. Great video and good topic. I completely agree with you. I don't drink and don't want to either. It seems like it's very rare now days to find individuals that don't drink.

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