Ketosis and ketones what are they..When in a ketotic state, carbohydrate intake is so low that the body shifts over from burning glucose as a primary source of fuel to using fat and its own fat stores for energy. Essentially, when in ketosis you become a “fat burner” instead of a “sugar burner.” Our ancestors remained in ketosis during the cold season, eating a low-carbohydrate diet of mostly meat and lots of quality fat, and then naturally shifted out of ketosis in the summer due to the consumption of plentiful seasonal produce.

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11 Replies to “Ketosis and Ketones w/ Dr. Dominic D’Agostino Ketogenic Diet Expert & Fat Burn – CHTV 98”

  1. D'Agostino is so incredibly insightful – I love listening to his interviews and this is one of the best that I've listened to.

    Great comments Dr. Pompa re: calorie restriction; it took me several months on a ketogentic diet before I started noticing that I really am not hungry much of the time. I now eat when I'm hungry but when I first started the diet I was hungry much more often. One thing I struggle with is the high calorie additions, for instance large latte with unsweetened whipping cream or "fat–bombs". I enjoy them but don't really need them and I have a hard time knowing whether to cut these things out completely to ensure a bit more weight loss. Some might say that having these will reduce hunger in general the rest of the time.

  2. Fantastic! Fabulous information…I love being ketogenic (I need to combine it with IF to get into nutritional ketosis of 1.5 to 3), it has given me my health back, recovered from chronic fatigue & fibromyalgia. I will share this on fb with all my Keto/LCHF/IF groups.

  3. I came across Dom & Dr Jack Kruse talk back in August & I started Ketoginic life style ! I have Philadelphia crom 22 Leukemia since 2011 . I feel amazing life is good again " I'm healing slow but I learn more & more every day ! I love Tim Nonkes !! I'm just very thankful for the Internet and most of all you Beautiful amazing Souls who give your time ! I just got that so called Health care two weeks ago ' I really feel so up set I'm made to pay for this ! It will not cover who I want I must pick a MDs !!!! They can't cure Heart Burn " I took myself off both of the blood pressure meds I was told I'd be on the rest of my life ' wrong ! I'm trying to heal thyroid ! I went down to 1/2 of my Tasigna to only once a day AND boy if you want to make your oncologist mad that's the way ! I wish I had a picture of he's face when he look at my blood work !!!! He says it looks GOOD " but the rest will be back in two weeks and if it's not ok he'll give me a call . It's been 8 weeks NO phone call !

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