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Eating Fat Doesn’t Increase Your blood Fat

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Dr. Berg talks about ketosis. Ketosis is a state of fat burning. When a person is under ketosis diet plan, their bodies are make ketons. Ketons is an alternative (a cleaner) fuel source to run the body and gives the body way more energy than glucose. The primary objective of Ketosis is to lower the sugar (insulin) close to zero. Insulin is that hormone that regulates the blood sugar level in the body. The benefits of being on keto diet plan (which will be a reduction in carbs, increase in fats, moderate proteins) are that it will lower bad cholestrol, improves blood sugar, improves memory, reduce cancer, decreases inflammation. The ketosis diet plan should include healthy fats such as grass fed animal products.

Ketosis should ALWAYS be done with ALL the facts, and knowing how to handle anything that comes up. In my NEW Body Type System, we will give you that understanding. It’s vital to understand the nutrition that needs to bee kept in balance, the fluid amounts, the amounts of carbs, fats and proteins, and the types of these macronutrients with regards to your body type.

The benefits of ketosis:
1. Lowers bad cholesterol
2. Increases good cholesterol
3. Improves memory
4. Stabilizes blood sugars
5. Reduces acne
6. Decreases risk of cancer
7. Decreases PCOS
8. Reduces inflammation


Cholesterol & Long term ketosis

Acne, cognitive, heart, diabetes, cancer, lung, heart, etc.

In this video, you’ll learn the two types of fuel (glucose and ketones). Ketosis is the breakdown of fat. Ketones are more efficient than glucose and puts out more energy. Insulin must be kept to close to zero. Dietary fat must be raised considerable to get someone into ketosis.

Here are some studies that show how safe this diet is:



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28 Replies to “Ketosis – Healthy or Deadly?”

  1. Please people beware of these fad diets! Saturated diets are dangerous! Animal proteins are dangerous! Meat, Dairy naturally have hormones that alter your system and not for the better! High fat sounds like it does not make sense because it doesn't! Don't do it, save your health! Carbs are demonised by these fad diets and have been for decades but science does not agree! Look up any kind of research you will find extremely little in support of fats vs carbs!

  2. Hi Dr.Berg, how many days does it take to get into Ketosis? Is it 3 days that you can begin to burn fat? I am anxious to take this challenge and make the life change. (Love your videos, all of them) Thank you very much for the inspiration.

  3. Eric

    Thanks for the video and information, great stuff.

    I am a 62 year old male, and live in Australia, and have been on a ketosis based diet for 4 weeks

    In that time I have lost 8kg (almost 18 pounds)

    I LOVE this diet. I have more energy, sleep better, more clear headed, and feel better all round.

    I had despaired being able to change my body shape for some time, however it is happening before my eyes!

    I wanted to ask a question though, lets assume that in a few weeks I am down to my target weight…..and continue with a ketosis diet….will I continue to lose weight or is there a moderation to the diet that can stabilise my ideal weight?

    Many thanks!

  4. started keto diet this week. started taking wheatgrass yesterday. Having Rapid heartbeats. Woke up at 3am with Rapid heartbeats. Having them now, sitting up, or when lying down???? Help????

  5. So I've been on ketosis, lost about 15 lbs, no more acid reflux, no more tonsil stones (if you know what those are), and feeling more awake around 2pm. I love this diet so far.

  6. Hello Dr. Berg, I'm a type 1 diabetic and i was interested in doing a keto diet to control my blood sugar but i don't want to get sick . How can you do this diet safely? I don't want to end up with potassium in my blood. Ive heard if type 1 diabetics developing hyperkalemia on the keto diet. Don't you need insulin to break down any food even if its fat? What happens if my body doesn't produce insulin to break my keto foods into energy? Do then develop hyperkaemia?? I really want to do this diet but i don't want to hurt myself doing it. Please respond.Thank you!

  7. Hi Eric,
    I have been now on Ketosis diet for last 3-4 weeks but I am gaining weight instead, I workout 3 times a week high intensity training, my dress size is still same so no loss there, I am sleeping much better, should I worry about weight just itself? I am blood type A and i am having second thoughts on this diet since dairy is not good for blood type A, I am ensuring both coconut oil and butter are all natural. Please advise.

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