A ketogenic diet has extraordinary health benefits for most people. In this training Dr Jockers goes through who would and who wouldn’t stand to benefit from a ketogenic diet program and the best practices to get in and stay in ketosis. For more info on Dr Jockers ketogenic online program go here: http://drjockers.com/ketogenic-program-2/


11 Replies to “Navigating the Ketogenic Diet”

  1. Just a thought i understand for example the Inuit people live a ketogenic lifestyle or at least they used to so surely there children and pregnant women did also and presumably thrived so why recommend these people should avoid ketosis, am I missing something?

  2. Thank you for your desire and compassion in helping people get healthy, may God continue to bless you. I suffer from Hashimoto thyroid, I also use compounded hormone therapy. I have tried 3 times to get into ketosis, 1. Ate too much protein, 2. Ate too much fat and gained weight, 3. My BG went down to 80 but experienced hypoglycemia. Is there any possibility I may someday be able to get into ketosis?

  3. I started the keto diet about 3 months ago and my doctor told that I should not do it because I had such a significant amount of weight to lose. She was very dismissive in fact but never offered any solution. I am currently down 60 lbs from the last time I saw her and am no longer pre diabetic. Praise the Lord! So my bg is usually 85 during a fasted state and about 90-99 after eating. Does that mean I'm not in ketosis?

  4. Does your ketogenic meal plan list how much fats one should eat at each meal? i.e. 1 tablespoon, etc? I follow the keto lifestyle and I am very lean and toned; even though I believe I am consuming enough coconut, fish oil and avocados fats ( a serving with each meal) I still don't get enough energy and experience hypoglycemic symptoms 2-3 hours after I eat. I cannot figure out why… Thanks in advance.

  5. David…thank you. This was the best explanation on the whole keto idea, I loved the visuals and you are such a pleasure to listen to. May your mitochondria be multiplied and your cup always full….love in Christ…BG

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