How protein supplements effect your keto adaptation

jimmy Moore interview w/ stephanie:
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  1. Hi Stephanie, Do you think that I can mix this collagen protein (1 tbs) with 2tbs of freshly grounded flax seeds for my morning shake.I also eat 2 slices of bacon and 2 hard boiled eggs for breakfast, but the shake is to go since I have a long ride from home to work. Thanks. You're beautiful:)

  2. I am vegetarian and believe everything you say just can’t bring myself to kill animals to feel better myself although I feel pretty good. Please keep showing off that beautiful maybe the best body of any 48 year old women in the world and overall the most attractive as well. Just can not imagine you giving talk sitting down on your couch do you ever sit down ? LOL. I will keep watching if for nothing else to watch your animated presentation. You did get me to eat eggs cooked in coconut oil but coconut oil was already a staple. Good luck with your channel. :-))

  3. Lol i like you Stephanie. Everybody says it takes weeks to months to get keto adapted. I don't think that is true for me. I went hclf for like 6 days and on the 7th day my blood BHB measured 3.1 mmol/L and blood glucose to 78 mg/dl. Hunger is under control and I am feeling really good. But it might take a week or two more for my brain to produce the high levels of MCT1 and MCT2. Once that happens I will be God mode all the time.

  4. Hey Stephanie or anyone else here who may know…. Is the Great Lakes Collagen tolerated alright by people who are histamine intolerant/sensitive? I know everyone's physiological response will be unique, but just wondering if there's a trend of it not being tolerated well due to histamine. Since seeing it in a store a few days ago, I've been digging through reviews all over the web on this collagen product.

  5. How do you mix it? With food? Can you address some ideas to help with constipation. Already doing 10 – 16 oz bottles of water, exercise, fresh cruciferous veggies. We are lucky to have a local grass fed beef producer in the area. It is amazing!

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