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Don’t paint yourself into a corner when trying to lose bodyfat – aggressively restricting calories for long periods of time results in adaptations of your metabolism. Restricting calories too much causes leptin levels plummet and energy expenditure goes down – then you stall and drop calories even lower…this is a vicious cycle that often confuses and frustrates people.

When you stall, it’s not always wise to restrict calories more – assess your situation and make sure you are not looking at water retention. Sometimes increasing caloric intake will HELP the situation as your body adjusts to its new setpoint. Increasing food intake and thus increasing metabolism and decreasing the stress on your body can be helpful in avoiding the pitfalls of obsessive dieting. Remember, fat loss is not a linear journey and there can be long term negative consequences to starving yourself with aggressive obsessive dieting.


23 Replies to “STALLING on a KETOGENIC DIET? Don’t make this COMMON MISTAKE, aggressive calorie restriction”

  1. Ok , I'm working hard in week 21 of keto . Started at 322 lbs and now at 280. I'm very pleased and it has changed my life. Even my wife is doing very well on her modified plan. More like paleo . I'm super stuck for about a month , but my problem is I have literally no appetite to speak of. Well it's more than 50 % non existent. I sometimes forced myself to eat. Please help, should I increase or just be happy I'm not hungry? So confused …

  2. I'm 32 started off at 214 lbs about 25%. Over the last 90 days I have dropped to about 186 with 15%. I have had a ton of success and look really good now but for goal sakes I want to get to about 180 and/or 13% bodyfat. As of late I have stalled in my weight loss my body seems to like this 185-187 area. This video is helping me to not be neurotic about it.

  3. On a ketogenic diet, Jeff Volek recommends adding a gram or two of sodium per day in the form of a bullion cube or two – particularly on workout days. My sodium level is typically fairly low without carbs, so I was just wondering how much sodium you recommend per day? On a standard diet, people often discuss the dangers of too much sodium, but it would seem that people on a ketogenic diet must be just as concerned with sodium deficiency. I'm curious to know your take on this.

  4. I weigh 162, eat around 1800 calories a day. 120-140 protein, 30-50 carbs, 100+ fat. I do endurance sports such as rowing and running along with fitness. Everything is going well only thing I am not sure about is the amount of calories. Am I eating too less or much for fat loss? Please Help!!!

  5. I have been attempting to enter into keytosis for about a week now. I am a powerlifter and I painted myself into a metabolic rebound last August and it took me 8 months to overcome it, mostly because I didn't have any idea of how to get back to steady fat loss, and also because a metabolic rebound is psychologically crushing to motivation and to the soul. I messed up by doing exactly what this man said that i shouldn't be doing. starving myself and excessively working out–HARD (I powerlift). I had lost over 250 lbs in a year, wanted to get to 215 lbs and made it to 261 lbs before all hell broke lose, metabolically speaking. i didn't know what to do. I was not doing a keto diet at time. i was just not eating enough of anything and powerlifting for long sessions, and getting greedy with the fat loss. Now, 8 months later, I am 290 lbs, and instead of going to sleep on an empty stomach, I ate a huge poached chicken breast with about 3 ounces of Ranch on it. I took in about 2000 calories today, and I think it was the right decision. I know about the fat loss ups and downs and plateaus that happen as a result of weight lifting, because for the last two years almost I have been on a mission to lose fat and have been very successful. but I forgot that you have to maintain your weight sometimes or take in a bit extra calories to let your body catch up to the biological responses that come about from strength training. and sometimes you must just stay away from the gym for a week or two–period.You cant just have it all at once. your body just wont let you. Great post. Thank you.

  6. First of all, I think You are a good ambassador for this kind of lifestyle/ diet, Tristan ( maybe the best on Youtube, ). Many thanks for all the tips, podcasts etc., huge amount of valuable info.

    Hope I can ask a few questions, ( mostly interested in the brain effects of Keto ):

    1. Did You have a chance to test this away from the equator ( subjectively, are there any differences between autumn-winter vs spring-summer concerning overall health, brain cognitive performance )?

    2. When switching to Keto did some old memories return?

    3. Which kind of metabolic type are You?

    4. Can I experience those changes even living a moderate sedentary life ? ( some walking, mostly in front of a PC )

  7. I really needed to hear this! You described me to a T! I am 5 foot 2…and 90 pounds to lose… I am all about rushing it. This made me stop and think. I've only been Keto adapted for about a month with steady loss… But I am impatient and was about to lower my calories. Now I will stay the course. You and your wife are amazing. Thanks for all the great advice!

  8. Thanks for the info, I am an ex-athlete and gave up eating right and exercise for way to long. 15 yrs after college ball I have gained 75lbs. I'm 6'3" 285 now. I am looking to lose around 90 to 100lbs. I have adapted well to keto and see results. My question is.. How many calories should I be eating? I have been around 1200 (sometimes much less, due to lack of appetite.) while sticking to 75/20/5. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! p.s. I made your wife's broccoli muffins. I'm addicted!!

  9. I'm 52, when is the energy going to come? Weight loss has happened, but I've stalled too… But I'm too invested in this way of life… I used to do Atkin's Diet, I miss that diet because of my Atkin's shakes, they were so satisfying, (vanilla)and tastey, it required very little thought, but the Splenda&the cans, and the cartons, BPA, etc.,don't trust that anymore, but I want my energy to step into gear, my carbs are just 1or2 blueberries, or avocados… I know it depresses me sometimes, but this Ketogenic way of life, starts in the mind, its mind over matter… I have to make it work!

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