Dr. Mike explains how a ketogenic diet can prevent and even cure cancer by depriving cancer cells of glucose, which is their only energy source.

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36 Replies to “The Ketogenic Diet and Cancer”

  1. hello dr bergman my son 16 year old male has a scrotal mass and of course its thought to be a tumour before the next person gets to make a more clear decision about what it is. 4cm in length covered by what I think is a hydrocele as he has a hard enlarge testicle. which thank goodness he was hit with a soccer ball or we wouldnt have known it was even there. We want to be informed and we live in UK where we have to wait a long time before things are dealt with do you have any thoughts or signposts please?

  2. To Dr. VanDerschelden- Did you take into account the multitude of factors that could lead to an exponential increase in the proportion of people that get cancer? Perhaps, people are living longer and many seniors happen to end up getting some illness, which is natural, as the body degenerates.

  3. Been doing Ketogenic diet for one and a half years. Lost 110 lbs. so far with ZERO exercise. I plan ti start working out and walking niw that I can. Watch Dr Eric Westman on youyube. he prescribes only 20 grams of carbs per day from green leafy vegetables…spinache, brocilli, kale, green beans, some cauliflower etc. and meats in Palm sized portions. See Dr Eric Westman on youtube for how and what to eat. He explains exactly what to eat and what not to eat on youtube. I've hit a plateau and began cheating some…going to try the intermittent fasting now to get back in line and increase my fat burning. Thanks for the tip. I kinda already knew this… I did notice over the last year that if I messed up and had too many carbs (more than 20-30 grams in a day) that if I would skip breakfast and get right back on the diet I could get back into ketosis much more rapidly the next day. Dr Westman says that if you eat ANY sugars (bread, fruit, sugar, potatoes etc) it will take you out of ketosis for THREE days. I think this is true especially if you don't fast the next morning. Also I use a lot of organic coconut oil in my cooking and in drinks like coffee…a big spoon full. MCT oil is available but too expensive and I hear it's great….basically cold pressed organic coconut oil works for me. Finally, for those just starting and wanting to get past the first 5 to 10 days of sugar cravings. You MUST stick it out! It will get better after a few days and you WILL feel amazing! The sugar cravings will go away and you will find yourself thinking…did I eat today? Because if you are fat like me your body burns it's own fat and you aren't constantly hungry. That said if you mess up and eat pizza or sugar…you WILL have cravings. So if you spend two weeks getting into ketosis…don't blow it…sticknit n out for a while like two months and then have A cheat day…A day not three days! Get right back in and avoid sugar cravings. I used diet jello for the first two weeks and whip cream in a can. I know aspartame is horrible so I would not continue to use diet jello except to get you past sugar cravings unless it's made with sucralose. Study aspartame vs sucralose and study Stevia. Also a blast of whip cream has 2 grams of cabs and can help you with sugar cravings. Or even better when you are keto adapted after a couple weeks and just need a sweet grab a hand full of strawberries or blueberries. Nuts are ok but they throw me out of fat burning If you can only eat 5 or 10 peanuts than ok…I can't lol. Also Stevia rules and is a natural sweetener made from plants. research srevia. Use Stevia in hot tea or coffee to get past sugar cravings. Remember Stevia has a few carbs so don't over do it. it's 300% sweeter than sugar. Products with sucrose are much better than aspartame. Basically I suggest never never eat aspartame. You have to read labels. If it says zero carbs…make sure it's sucralose and NOT aspartame. Just some tips from my personal experience. Sugar kills good food heals.

  4. Only a change of diet (grain/gras-free, dairy-free and sugar-free, etc.) PLUS a detox with loess, zeolithe, coffee coal, fulvinic acid, huminic acid, medical coal, chlorellas(Alges) can bind toxic substances and will safely take it out of the body. Chelating is heavy on the body and liver, kidneys and a stabile immunesystem must be present! You can prepare your body for chelating by doing the above mentioned detox. More information? Contact me.

  5. We have to get rid of grains and gras in our diet. There are NO more grains and gras left that do not contain Glyphosate!!!
    Colon bacterias getting in contact with glyphosate will themselves build a glyphosate so the intoxication continues until the cells are destroyed.
    Milk is supposed to cause cancer as well! Well, what do cows eat? Gras, grains, soya, corn which contain pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicitdes AND of course glyphosate!
    Glyphosate destroys the pancreas, liver and the mikrobiom (colon bacterias)!

  6. Quick question, I am a lifelong hypoglycemic so I know a thing or two about blood sugar, when my blood glucose drops below 50 I get disoriented and shaky, below 30 memory loss and loss of muscle control, and below 20 you can go into a seizure and die. How exactly does the keto diet eliminate blood glucose without killing you?

  7. that's why fasting is soo effective Glucose is not Dirty it is the optimal fuel for a Healthy Body people that promote a kenogetic diet and say sugar is bad have no idea what they are talking about the kenogetic diet contains foods that promote cancer and the plant based diet contains food that kill cancer cells and prevent cancer thefore the con of Sugar feeding cancer cells is eliminated by default a kenogetic seems like a short term lifestyle we are herbivorous not carnivorous in denial that's what the kenogenic life style is promoting low sugar overall through this discovery is ridiculous the man himself probably never had the intention for his work to be expressed in this way.

  8. So are they saying eating fruits high in carbs will feed your fucking cancer cells, but eating 8 eggs heavy laden in cheeses salt is better?????? I'm so confused about all these experts, and science crap.

  9. Is that 50 – 70 percent healthy fats a day and how much fruit and vegetables to eat a day. Is this all you have to eat or do you need meat or does the nuts fat replace meats.

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