Hey everyone just wanted to share a vlog of my first day on the Ketogenic Diet. I wanted to share a few meals i prepared to get into ketosis. I know this is not beauty related but you guys wanted me to share my tips on what I am doing in my quest for weight loss. A lot of the information on how to keto adapt I researched myself online. I am in no way encouraging anyone to do this, this is a personal decision that I did for myself.
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Much love to you all and thanks for watching! xoxoxox


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  1. Thank you for sharing I have been in it for a month. I am staying strong as well. I am also a diabetic. My insulin level has drop 80 units. I am so happy. I just need new ideas. Keep it up. Because we are doing it together. Thank You for being strong because your passing it own. Thanks. I need new ideas of food. This is how i found you. Thanks so much

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