There are over 20 disorders that contribute to your thyroid disorder. Thyroid disorders can block your keto adaptation.LEARN MORE!



10 Replies to “THYROID DISORDER: The ketogenic diet can help fix your thyroid symptoms”

  1. do not do this diet if u have hypothyroidism. i did this diet for over 6 months. lost fat on my abs but put it on my face and estrogen related areas. went to check my thyroid hormones not long ago and im worse than before.

  2. Stephanie I used to think this whole thyroid thing was just some side issue. WRONG. I have been doing ketosis diet for 6 months and have lost 25 pounds, I went to my doc to get blood assessment. High HDL and some increase in LDL. SHOKER was high triglycerides. She also noted hypo thyroid. So as of today looking to add kelp and selenium. Damn!

  3. Wow, Stephanie you amaze me with your dissemination of ketogenic information.  I have been following your teaching to the letter.  I feel that I am highly keto adpated. I sleep better, when I weight train (with no preworkout meal/aid) my energy level is good.  And as a nice added benefit I have dropped a very noticeable amount of weight.  I can see "the business" !!!  Thank you and continue doing an exceptional job educating people on the "No BS Diet".  :)

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