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34 Replies to “Top 5 Ketogenic Diet Mistakes |”

  1. Thank you a lot for the info, im just getting started, day one.. since im fully committed to shed of fats.. i will make this the journey that only the keto's people had gone through it knows.. Patient seeding in my positive vibes.

  2. Good vid man but question.. what about muscle gaining on this kind of diet? That low of protein don't even come out to .8g per lb of body weight at the minimum (I think anyways) . For example, my bulking calories are 2600 and macros are 50% carbs, 30% protein, and 20% fats. Calories make you grow, aure, but protein is what build muscle and carbs are precursors to gaining, so is it possible?

  3. Should I continue taking extra electrolytes now that I am almost fully keto-adapted? I do not feel that much fatigue anymore and I generally have much more energy now, so should I still take them?

  4. Love the videos, have watched quite a few of them in just the last couple of days. I was wondering if I go on a Keto diet, do I eat the same amount of calories I was eating before? I put my information into the IIFYM calculator and got a number for maintenance and one for losing weight. Do I stick to these numbers? How do I break down my macro percentage? 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbs? Thank you very much for your time, and keep up the good work! Awesome videos!

    BTW for weight loss the number was around 1,600 calories a day. I am 38 years old and weight about 175 with around 22% body fat. Thanks again!

  5. I get confused, Im in a facebook group called Athletic Keto System, and they have me at 2000 calories, 200g P/120g F/ under 35g C. For 3 weeks I was putting on weight and body fat. But,when I watch Jason's videos hes saying the opposite… I have no idea what to do. Jason Wittrock could you comment please?

  6. I've recently started a ketogenic diet and have been conflicted with whether carbohydrates that are mainly fiber is okay to have. I've done extensive research and can't seem to come across a conclusion whether it's okay or not. So with that being said, what is your take on fiber on a ketogenic diet? Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

  7. So today is day 9 of keto, I have been using the test strips once or twice a day and for some reason I never get above a low to moderate reading. I know I'm still new to this but I'm confused, any thoughts?

  8. Hi Jason, been watching your vids on the Keto diet and have found them very usefull. I watched your training video recently but wanted to know if your opinion on the 5×5 stronglifts workout? Have you ever followed this routine and do you think it would work well while on keto diet? Many Thanks

  9. I was working on the road approximately 2 months ago when i saw a video of your daily eating habit. Changed my life man. My anxiety is virtually gone, testosterone is up. I've not felt this good since i was a kid. Oh, yeah and i lost like 20 pounds since.

  10. I'm used to seeking those things. I was following this diet for 6 years without being aware of it, because these are the only foods I lean towards. Unlike most people I've always hated everything high in carbohydrates, other than pineapple and medjool dates, and I couldn't be bothered to cut pineapples and medjool dates are too high in calories nor did either of these things ever satisfy me, so I wasn't eating those anyway… I've also always had a poultry aversion, so I don't eat eggs nor any bird meat, and I hate meat (except for chorizo, pepperoni, etc. but I'm allergic to paprika) because it isn't fatty enough for me and I hate the texture + I can't cook meat… I love shellfish, though, but I can't afford much of it… so protein hasn't been an issue.

  11. I'm at a plateau :(. I was down 17 pounds and now I'm stuck around 15. I bought your program and have been trying to follow it to a T.. I was doing a lazy keto before and when I started using your program I definitely started eating more to get close to the recommended calories. My carb intake is so low and i've cut back a lot on the protein. almost perfectly 75-20-5 everyday. I dunno what I'm doing wrong. Been stuck at this weight for like a week now :(

  12. Hi Jason 🙂 Please read my comment, I'm really obsess about something : you told us in a previous video that you need more or less 200 gr of fat per day and if it represent 75% of your total daily kcal, it means that you run on a 2500 kcal diet and that you only take around 125 gr of protein and around 30 gr of carbs. Is that correct ? Because the less thing I want is to loose is my muscle mass. And on a 2000 kcal diet I only take 100 gr of protein. I heard that keto spare muscle mass and you don't need that much protein than on a regular diet, but 20% can raise the total kcal very high If you need 160 gr of protein every day. Thank you bro !

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