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You asked for it, you got it! Finally coming out with a detailed video on how to go about the Ketogenic diet as a vegetarian in India. In today’s video, I’m gonna be covering everything from the meal plan you need while following veg keto to the fat loss effects created thanks to a vegetarian version of the ketogenic diet. Vegetarian ketogenic diets have never been this easy to understand.
Keep in mind that I’m NOT a keto diet ambassador. I’m just teaching you guys the science of going about veg keto. A vegetarian ketogenic diet isn’t as effective as its non veg counter part but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t help with weight loss for vegetarians. If you’re a vegetarian, keep in mind that no weight loss diet works as rapidly as the keto diet does. I bring you the ultimate vegetarian keto diet plan for Indians! Enjoy the latest in the BeerBiceps keto series!


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42 Replies to “Vegetarian Ketogenic Diet | BeerBiceps Veg Keto”

  1. hloo Ranveer…. I have a question what should be an average calorie intake for a 160-180 pounds person to loose fat with normal workout routine ?? And how many calories do paneer(100 gm) has?? I Googled it but I am getting different answers. please reply bro

  2. oh my god ranveer.. this keto flu is so baaaaaddd…. its giving me very bad headaches and tachycardia… I googled nd found it out to be quite normal. still I'm scared if I am damaging my overall system. ( I am a 24 year old female 175cm nt, 110 kgs wt. no other medical complications) pls reply… BTW I lost 5 kgs in last 4 days of keto..

  3. If eating leafy vegetables (Will google it for low carbs leafy vegetables) however how to consume it??
    Shall I fry it a little bit in ghee or oil?? OR shall I just boil it?? OR shall i just eat it as a raw?

    Please buddy, let me know as I am starting Keto diet..!!

  4. Hello sir…I want to clear one very important question. ..plz help. ..If i am doing keto for 15 days and then having carb again for one day and again starting keto very next day what actually happen

  5. Hi Ranveer !

    Really like your videos.
    ONE, They are Informative;
    TWO, They are to the point and
    BEST part is they are really HELPFUL.

    So, THANKS !

    Need one advice :

    i was 90+ four months back. Today my weight was 80.50 kg (28% Body Fat & BMI 27.1). i want to go on "Pure Veg Keto" for next 10 days (with jogging 6 km and 1 hr cardio n workout).

    Can i Club TOFU with MALAI PANEER in "SAAG" (Green Leafy Vege) ???

    Please Suggest !


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