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For how long should you do do a ketogenic diet? WIll you regain weight if you come off keto? Some thoughts on keeping a healthy perspective on diet.


25 Replies to “What happens if you COME OFF a KETOGENIC DIET? Will you REBOUND if you stop keto?”

  1. Steph is cool and very talented and informative …. but this is what I was looking for …. I know i will get crucified on here for this statement but ….. I had a feeling I would get more clarity on this subject from a man … hey it is what it is.

  2. So glad I found your channel! Your approach makes much more sense than the majority of keto youtubers put together! Ultimately, this way of eating is about health, I love that this is what you focus on.

  3. I love your videos! I totally dig your different perspective on things and my brain just wants to eat it all up haha! I am in the midst of getting my 2-year degree in the fitness technology program right now @ portland community college. You're a great role model! I'm curious about your decision to move to Ecuador instead of continuing your education. It has me thinking!

  4. I like your wording of using "dietary choices" instead of being on a diet. I've lost 75 lbs so far and still have 75 lbs to go then I will most likely make the choice to follow a more paleo way of eating. I like keto so much because of the energy and general amazingness. It works so much better for my 4-6 hour hikes. I don't need to bring snacks for fuel like I used to.

  5. Just wanted to thank you for the vids you put out and sharing your experiance and knowledge with keto. I'm day 23 on keto and feel great! Experimenting 7 weeks for a start. I workout 6-7 days a week. Workouts some days, I find are a struggle. But I'm thinking that could be low sodium (keto flu).

  6. By the way Tristan if you get to answering that and have the time do you think mixing hemp protein powder with coconut oil and spices would get you keto adopted? Say 14 tbsp's of coconut oil to 100 grams of protein in hemp or would the protein powder not allow you to adapt? I think you'd be able to fit 14 tbsps in with 100 grams of hemp protein but am unsure.

  7. To Primal edge health : doesn't following a keto diet long term result in lipotoxicity and insulin resistance? So Can anyone who's been on a keto diet long term even begin metabolizing carbs efficiently again?

  8. I'm so glad I found this!!! I have been doing keto a while now (6 months), . I'm 34y/o, 5 ft 4 and 122lbs, 20% body fat and pretty happy with how i look these days, and keto is what got me there. I find it so easy to stick to as mainly its everything I want to eat.  However 3 nights ago, my bf ordered in pizza and icecream as we were in late from a day out, and for some reason, that night, for the first time in 6 months, i wanted it sooooo bad (the pizza….to be clear hahaha). I sat and tortured myself about wanting to eat the damn thing for at least an hour, before i gave in and had a couple of slices, OMG the guilt of feeling i had 'cheated' lasted all that night it actually kept me awake, and the entire next day (however scales somehow remained the same,go figure) .Until i had to tell myself to get a damn grip, that way of thinking is messed up. I'm only human, I'm allowed a little of what i fancy every now and again. i don't have to stick by somebody elses rigid rules and be made to feel a failure if i dont. i am at maintenance, if i had 20 to 50lbs left to lose i know i would have fought the craving. i love keto, its how i want to mainly live life, ive seen so many benefits that I'm convinced its how i want to eat 99.9% of the time. 
    But i cannot say that i will never eat carbs again for a couple of meals here and there, or have a couple of my fave cocktails when out on a rare night out with friends. To me, that is an important part of my life that im not willing to give up entirely or feel guilty about ever again. That is a very unhealthy attitude to have. Basically, you really helped me realise, not being keto perfect all the time is ok. its what works for you and your lifestyle, and being at maintenance and if i want to switch it up every once in a while,  but not regularly, is ok. I haven't failed. And I'm refusing to feel guilty again like so many other keto people on you tube, make you feel. I cant let how i eat define me entirely and my life, its a tool, as you say! Thank you, your videos really have helped me through this journey and got me to where i am now, i love how chill you are about it all!! keep up the good work!

  9. I'm switching from skd to ckd by eating chicken, veggies, avocado and one to a few pieces of fruit on occasion. I love avocado, chicken, lime, a bit of salt.

  10. Your videos are so helpful. I felt really bad because I have been in a stall for about 3 weeks now, then started eating cakes this past weekend. They are making me feel horrible. I felt so good being on a ketogenic diet and lost 15lbs. Not going to give up. I started back today.

  11. I go in and out of ketosis quite a bit. Probably 70 percent of my time is in ketosis, when I go too long without it, I feel exhausted. Recently I found out that I have gluten allergy so that may have been the cause of my exhaustion. Going back on keto I feel sooooooo much better, but I don't define myself in the keto diet. But I do enjoy being in it, and its not hard as it use to be to do. Its kind of much less effort than the standard carb timing diet for me :)

  12. Been a "silent viewer" for a while now, and finally decided to leave a comment: thank [you]…love and appreciate what you share. Best regards to you and your family. Namaste.

  13. Hey Tristan,I'm just embarking on the transition to Keto.  I'm wondering if you have suggestions for determining the appropriate amount of grams of protein?  Thanks in advance!

  14. Hello boss, I really like your videos. where do you get all your knowledge? I've lost 42lbs in a few months. So are you still in South America?
    God bless your family.
    Micah Aaron Gentry.

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