Eating Keto: What can I eat on a Low Carb High Fat Ketogenic Diet to enter and maintain Ketosis

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Hi there and thank you for checking out my video! This video is a response to a couple of requests, I cover what I believe are the essential foods you need to be consuming to enter and maintain Ketosis.

Please note I am not a doctor, dietitian or nutritionist, all the information in my videos are the results of a tried and tested Keto diet on myself and my family.

The basics of the Ketogenic Diet is to eat a lot of fat (70-80% of calories come from fat), medium fat and very little carb (5%). Your body will go into a state of Ketosis where it burns fat instead of glucose for energy, therefore you need to ensure your fat intake is high, very high!

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When I started the Keto diet I made the silly mistake of eating too much protein, please note that you need to eat a lot of fat to keto adapt and enter Ketosis. Once you enter Ketosis, you will burn fat instead of glucose as an energy source which improves weight loss and reduced body fat. In addition to this, you should feel a lot more energy while on Keto as you will not encounter sugar crashing.

If you have any questions regarding the Ketogenic Diet or living Keto, please feel free to ask.

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31 Replies to “What to eat on a Ketogenic diet. Keto super food low carb high fat diet”

  1. Great vid mate, I love the inspiration. I was in a wheelchair for 5 yrs and got into bodybuilding/power lifting.. But shave your head brother, I have the same issue, but it looks more confident because you own it! Just a tip mate, love your work, keep helping people. The word needs more people like you!

  2. thanks for doing this video. soo helpful. I have one question… I drink coffee but havent tried BPC yet. This is how I make my coffee and I would like to know if this is okay to have. I never measure properly but I add to my coffee mug: probably about 4 TBSP. of HWC,and a new item I just bought last week-Walden Farms sugar free n gluten free carb free french vanilla coffee syrup ,about 4 TBSP and 1 TBSP coconut oil, n cinnamon. Is this ok to use? my measurements are high becuz i use it in a mug not a coffee cup. Also, just joined a keto group on facebook lastnight n this person showed me ingredients for BPC. (her ingredients are: 8 oz. coffee,1 TBSP organic butter,1-2 tsp coconut oil, vanilla stevia, cacao powder,cinnamon,dark chocolate. hmmm not sure of this

  3. thank you for your story. I'm 10 days into my keto eating style. keto seems like a good fit for me. I get to eat all my favorite eggs butter salt. I raise rabbits so I eat a lot of them covered on butter from my own goats and eggs from my chickens. my big rule is eat just what I raise.

  4. I'm starting back on my keto 'diet' again, on day 3 presently. I ordered your MCT oil and Aloe Vera juice. I still drink coffee and had done so on this diet in the past with no problems. I always got tripped up trying to stay on after a few weeks.

  5. Hi thanks for posting the videos they are really helpfull to see someone who has actually done it. I have brought the bits you said but I need to know how many calories to eat daily on this diet? thanks

  6. Been doing research on this diet, starting it Saturday morning and came across your videos. Well done on your progress, unbelievable to say the least. I'm currently 14.5 stone, which I know isn't crazy overweight, but my BMI is over 30 now and I want to start keeping my weight balanced.
    Really, really enjoyed this video, you've made the diet a lot more attractive I got to say! Eggs and mayonaise, Steak and Butter.. I could live off this alone!
    Just a few quick questions;
    Whats the situation with salt? Is there a calorie limit at all?
    Great videos again, sub'd and liked.

  7. If coconut oil is MCT, why buy the MCT?  MCT is derived from coconut oil but all the super healthy-highly prized Lauric Acid has been removed.  What do the manufactures and resellers of the L.A. do? They market the MCT by itself. 

    Is it better than coconut oil. NOPE!  Stick to the coconut oil and ditch the MCT.  You are wasting your money.  If GOD did not make it, you don't need it.  Hate GOD? Go grab a pepsi then.

  8. Hi Adam, have you ever had a reaction to the bullet proof coffee? like a bust of excitement and energy and then almost like a panic attack a few hours later? I have just started doing the coffee for breakfast and I had this feeling the first day. Then had it this morning and I'm beginning to feel the same way, and like a little hurt in my heart/chest.

  9. Hello! I am brand new to this. I've been going "keto" for a couple days. I haven't CUT OUT carbs. (But that's atkin's anyway, isn't it). I am overweight. I LOVE bread, potatoes, beer, carbs…and that's how I got fat (and not very active). I switched to incorporating more fat, and I have never eaten as much fat in a day than I have in these recent days. And I Feel like it's unhealthy. It's a mind shift I haven't grasped yet. I mean…how can bacon be GOOD for you? How can extra fatty steak be GOOD for you? I also do the "bulletproof" coffee…I weighed myself and I give myself one month to see results. I just need a little extra support in a sense of, this is okay, I'm not going to have a stroke…and this is real.

    Also…what could I eat before cardio? I went hiking and I ate a steak with sweet potato before, and I felt SO depleted of energy to get me up that hill…I can eat a banana shake before a workout, right? Get some glucose in for a workout? What do you think? 

  10. I lost 3 kg in 3 days with this diet. It's my first week now and i feel full a long time and so i haven't got cravings like i used to have. I take a long walk in a park every day and go to bed at about half ten to ten o clock.  I do not feel energetic, little fatigue but i have to figure out what i can eat.

  11. CONGRATS on the weight loss, almost a year for you excellent JOB ! I'm always looking for another Keto follower 🙂
       I've been on the Keto/Primal journey for 3 months down 21 pounds , loving the Energy and all around healthy feeling it has . Just amazing words can't explain , except  I wish I had found it Sooner lol
       One month into my Keto journey I found out I have many allergies  Yuke . Been searching for a replacement for coconut products . The pounds were melting off the first month with coconut oil , but I was itching and had hives so bad I had to take it out .  If you have any suggestions of a good replacement it would make me Very happy . Oh no cheese or creams . I'm only using olive oil, butter , ghee and what I get in animal fats , liver . Thanks- btw you have anew subscriber /liked :)))

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